Second Grade Updates

Ms. Gardner's 2nd grade class

classroom Ipads

Many students have asked when they are getting their Ipad. Please understand that I am VERY excited to soon have a 1to1 classroom. However, there are many procedures and lessons that will take place before we are using them on a daily basis. I will be sending information out about the "Ipad licenses" later this week. This is a very large responsibility for children at any age. We will take it one day at a time and take the approach of Respect, Responsibility, and Safety as we dive into this adventure.


Thank you for returning conference slips for Fall Conferences. I look forward to meeting with all of you and sharing successes and setting some goals for 2nd grade.

Brain & Body (snack time)

Your child may have mentioned that we have a 10-15 minute Brain and Body time every day. This is typically in the afternoon around 2:30 depending on the day and our schedule. This allows your child to refuel with some type of healthy snack. I reminded students last week that the afternoons are long sometimes and we need to put healthy food in our bodies and not fill up on a bag of potato chips or cookies. It is very difficult for them to stay focused and on top of their learning unless they are taking a break to eat healthy food and exercise their brain a bit. I have purchased some pretzel rods to keep in our classroom for those that forget a snack or don't have a way to bring one. If you ever would like to make a donation feel free to send it in.

NWEA testing

We have already taken the Reading and Math assessments for NWEA. Our last test is in language on Monday afternoon. I will be sharing all scores with you at Fall Conferences.