Lewis and Clark


Seaman was the only known animal to survive going down and back from the expedition.
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The only known woman on the lewis and clark expedition

She died in 1812 in Kenel, South Dakota because of typhus

she traveled over 5000 miles with her infant son during the expedition

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Thomas Jefferson

3rd Us President

Father of declaration of independence

He is responsible for the Louisiana purchase

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Nez Perce

Used Spears to catch everything they eat

They are famous for the art they made

They ate almost anything they could find

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Fort Clatsop

It was built in 1850's

Lewis and Clark stayed in Fort clatsop during the winter and probably wouldn't have survived if they didn't take them in

It was barely able to hold all the people that were with them

The killed 132 elks during there stay

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They were a small tribe that consisted of 8,000 members

They lived and mostly currently live in California, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Montana

They lived in Ice Caves that are most commonly known for always having active lava

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Grizzly Story

It Took 10 shots for the Grizzly Bear to finally die

There Guns weren't as strong so they had to run sometimes

When they were being chased they fled into a river and the Bear did not follow them, which they thought was surprising because grizzly bears are great swimmers

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Lousiana Purchase

United States bought the area for 15 Million

Took 4 tries before a deal was finally made

The area that was bought covered 828,000,000 acres of land

For 15 million adds up to about 3 cents per acre

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Fort Mandan

It was the smallest fort that the core stayed in during there expedition

it was the most harsh winter that they suffered during the expedition

It was located near St. Louis off the Knife river now known as the Missouri River

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St. Louis

it was one of the main spots during there expedition

its where the expedition started and ended

Lewis died just outside of St. Louis

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