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Perca is the scientific name for Perch which is a fish. It lives in freshwater, are carnivores, and feed on worms, small fish, larvae, and nymphs. They are eaten by many larger fish. The niche of the perch is to simply act as predator and prey. They have specialized teeth called palatines that they use to eat other small fish. They can also filter out zooplankton with their gills.


The objective is to learn about the Perch, its internal and external anatomy, and about its circulatory system.
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Circulatory System

Perch CIrculatory Sytem

The circulatory system includes the arteries: poor blood and rich blood, arteriole, capillary beds, venule, vein, and the heart: atrium and ventricle. The circulatory system is responsible for transporting blood and nutrients throughout the body. The Perch has a closed circulatory system so it travels through the network of blood vessels.
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Fun Facts

  • There are over 6,000 species and more than 150 families of the Perch.
  • It can be found in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.
  • Yellow Perch are poor swimmers, so they swim in school of fish to protect each other.

Perch Fishing

Many fishermen all around the world fish Perch for game. With the wide variety of Perch the game never gets old.