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Vol. 2 No. 8 October 12, 2015

Marching Band Contest Results

BOA Arlington

All of the Keller ISD High School Bands competed in the Bands of America Arlington Regional over the weekend. Congratulations to all of these bands and their talented directors on a great day of performances!

Congratulations to Keller Central who placed 10th in Finals, and Keller High, who placed 7th!

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All District/Region Choir Results

Congratulations to the following students who qualified for District and Region Honors at the 2nd round of All State Choir Auditions! These students will perform a concert with students from throughout the region on Saturday, Nov. 21 at Texas Women's University.

Students who qualified for Region will audition for the third round of All-State on November 20 at TWU.

All-District Qualifiers Are:

Keller Central

Brad Chase, 12th, Bass 2

Lain Green, 10th, Alto 1

Yelena Koos, 9th, Alto 2

Bethany Le, 11th, Alto 2

Mikayla Rojas, 12th, Alto 1

Noah Thomas, 10th, Bass 1

Fossil Ridge

Isaac Kang, 11th, Tenor 1

Julie Rodrigues-Santos, 12th, Soprano 1

Elizabeth Whitten, 10th, Soprano 1

Keller High

Jack Evans, 11th, Tenor 1

Greer Ewalt, 9th, Tenor 2

Justin Harder, 11th, Bass 1

Skylar Hemmenway, 11th, Soprano 2

Jacob Jones, 11th, Bass 1

Stella Terry, 9th, Alto 1

Timber Creek

Stephanie-Grace Makayabo, 11th, Soprano 1

Floriana Azemi, 9th, Soprano 1

Jordan Davis, 9th, Soprano 2

Elaina Allen, 11th, Soprano 2

Kaitlyn McClay, 11th, Soprano 2

Chynna Thompson, 10th, Soprano 2

Brooke Mask, 11th, Soprano 2

Sierra Williams, 12th, Alto 1

Grace Everett, 12th, Alto 1

Jordan Echols, 12th, Alto 1

Kylie Ray, 11th, Alto 2

Joseph Canfield, 12th, Tenor 2

All-Region Qualifiers (advance to next round):

Keller Central

Darien Bass, 11th, Bass 1

Danah Berry, 11th, Soprano 2

Logan Dierking, 12th, Bass 2

JT Durrwachter, 10th, Tenor 2

Jessica Healey, 11th, Soprano 2

Christine Kamba, 11th, Alto 2

Aaron Kleidon, 12th, Tenor 1

Jacqueline Lopez, 11th, Soprano 2

Jennifer Lopez, 11th, Alto 2

Helen McDaniel, 12th, Alto 1

Dylan Ogle, 11th, Bass 1

Erica Skinner, 11th, Soprano 2

Tristin Thomas, 9th, Tenor 1

Jenna Whitmire, 12th, Soprano 2

Fossil Ridge

Brianna Paredes, 12th, Soprano 2

Keller High

Maggie Berry, 11th, Alto 1

Matt Bohn, 10th, Tenor 2

Jenna Bradley, 10th, Soprano 1

Isaac Briggs, 12th, Bass 1

Sydney Brown, 10th, Alto 2

Georgia Bundick, 9th, Alto 2

Brad Butler, 12th, Tenor 2

Britton Coleman, 9th, Bass 1

Isaak Crum, 9th, Bass 2

Ashlyn Edenfield, 9th, Soprano 1

Jenna Erb, 11th, Soprano 2

Michael Fill, 9th, Bass 2

Brighton Forsgren, 11th, Soprano 2

Rachel Halbert, 12th, Alto 1

Austin Horton, 12th, Tenor 1

Matt Howrey, 11th, Bass 1

Jessie Jennings, 10th, Alto 1

Angela Jirik, 12th, Soprano 1

Amber Lucky, 11th, Alto 2

Zach Murry, 11th, Bass 1

Al Njikam, 11th, Bass 2

Shawn Relph, 12th, Bass 1

Landry Rhodes, 10th, Bass 1

Douglas Riggs, 12th, Bass 2

Annessa Robbins, 11th, Alto 1

Sarah Salinas, 10th, Alto 2

Caitlin Smith, 12th, Alto 1

whitney Smith, 12th, Alto 2

Aubrey Werner, 11th, Soprano 1

Timber Creek

Savannah Porter , 12th, Soprano 1

Sabrinna Rios-Romero, 12th, Soprano 1

Angela Richmond, 9th, Soprano 1

Cecilia Masikini, 12th, Soprano 2

Hannah Davis, 11th, Soprano 2

Nicole Jones, 12th, Soprano 2

Cami Ellsworth, 12th, Alto 1

Paisley Rasmussen, 11th, Alto 1

Caroline Norton, 11th, Alto 1

London Berlin, 12th, Alto 1

Emma Schlebach, 12th, Alto 1

Amanda Barber, 11th, Alto 1

Adrianna Jagodzinski, 11th, Alto 2

Daniel Wooldridge, 12th, Tenor 1

Nam Nguyen, 11th, Tenor 2

Adam Thomas, 12th, Tenor 2

Jacob Rodriguez, 11th, Tenor 2

Eugene Kim, 12th, Tenor 2

Colin Block, 12th, Bass 1

Aidan Barriga, 10th, Bass 1

Chris Albo, 12th, Bass 2

Michael Fontes, 12th, Bass 2

Gerry Ongmanchi, 12th, Bass 2

Timber Creek's N.A.H.S. Supports North Texas Food Bank with "Empty Bowls' Project

The National Art Honor Society at Timber Creek high School is making 87 bowls for the 17th Annual "Empty Bowls" event. Guests will enjoy lunch at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, while supporting the North Texas Food Bank. In addition to soup and other bowl friendly fare from 20 of North Texas’ finest restaurants, attendees can select a handcrafted bowl from some of Texas’ finest artists as a memento of the day. All proceeds go to the North Texas Food Bank.
Congratulations to the cast and crew of Fossil Ridge's "The Dark of the Moon" on a great run last week!
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The Keller Central Choir will be a featured ensemble at Baltic Journey the Music of Eriks Esenvalds, Tuesday, October 20 at 7:00 pm, at the First United Church, Fort Worth.
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KISD Health Fair Set for October 24th

The Keller ISD Health and Wellness Fair is scheduled for October 24, from 2:00-5:00 pm, at the Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital.

Keller ISD Fine Arts will provide entertainment and artwork for this community event! Come see the following groups perform:

2:00 Indian Springs Infinity Show Choir

2:15 Bette Perot Drama Team

2:45 South Keller Intermediate Show Choir

3:10 Heritage Elementary Chime Team

3:25 Pianists at The Ridge

3:45 Trinity Meadows Intermediate Show Choir

4:00 Zimma-Rimba Marimba Groups

Artwork from Tiber Creek High School, Liberty Elementary, and Shady Grove Elementary will also be on display.

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Click here to view the official KISD fine arts events calendar online. If you have an event you would like listed, please email us, or click the "Spread the Word" link

Wednesday, October 14

Panther Pride Feeder Pattern Choir Concert, FRHS Auditorium, 7:00 pm

Thursday, October 15

Music of the Masters Scholarship Concert, Whites Chapel, 6:00 pm

Indian Springs Choir Concert, ISMS Cafeteria, 7:00 pm

Keller Central v Denton Guyer, 7:00 pm

Friday, October 16

Florence Elementary 3rd Grade Musical, 9:30 am

Keller High at Timber Creek, 7:00 pm

Fossil Ridge at Denton Ryan, 7:00 pm

Hillwood Fall Choir Concert, Cornerstone Baptist Church, 7:00 pm

Saturday, October 17

Timber Creek Band at BOA St. Louis Super Regional (INFORMATION)

KISD All-District Band Auditions at Hillwood MS

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