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Fourth Marking Period Newsletter

From the Principal's Home Office

Dear Faust School Families,

First, let me start by saying that I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being so flexible over the past 3 months in transitioning your homes into virtual classrooms. Our teachers and professional staff members know first hand that educating a child can be quite a challenge but a rewarding undertaking. I am very appreciative of your support during these trying times. As you read through the Faust School Newsletter, you will notice the different learning activities and projects that our teachers have been doing with their students through remote learning.

I want to thank our PTA and the 8th Grade Committee for their dedication and for generously volunteering their time to support our school community. We appreciate all their effort throughout the school year. They successfully raised funds, introduced educational programs and resources to the members of Faust school. They also organized fun activities and special treats for the students, faculty, and staff. We are truly grateful for their commitment and continuous support for the children and families of the East Rutherford School District.

To our graduates, congratulations on your achievement! All of the teachers and professional support staff at Faust and McKenzie Schools wish you the best as you take on the next 4 years of high school. We know that you are well prepared and have gained a firm educational foundation through the East Rutherford School District. Your Virtual 8th-Grade Commencement Ceremony will take place on Friday, June 19th, at 4:30 p.m. This can be seen and shared with your family and friends with the following link:


For those families who will be coming back in September, we anticipate that your child will be returning to school as initially planned on Thursday, September 3rd. Over the summer, please visit our website at www.erboe.net for suggested English Language Arts and Math resources and assignments for your child to explore and practice. There are no required summer assignments, but it is highly recommended that your child strengthen their educational skills in order to keep their mind stimulated. Our website will also include updates and other related information pertaining to the upcoming academic school year.

All of us at Faust School look forward to seeing our students and their families in September. In the meantime, if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions throughout July and August, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a healthy, safe, and enjoyable summer.

Warmest regards,

Mrs. Regina Barrale

Alfred S. Faust School Principal


(201) 804-3100 Ext. 3003

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Thank you Mrs. DiLascio

After 23 years of teaching the children of East Rutherford, Mrs. DiLascio is retiring! Her colleagues and students will miss her tremendously. Everyone will miss her creative and innovative Science lessons, as well as all of the after school crafting activities she organized. Faust School won’t be the same without her! We wish Mrs. DiLascio a wonderful, relaxing, and healthy retirement. East Rutherford is grateful for everything you did!

A New Face in the Romano Family

The Romano’s have a new addition to their family. Adrian Lee Romano!

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Remote Instruction

Virtual Math

Math classes have gone virtual and it is great to see everyone's face again! We are proud of our students' hard work throughout remote learning and we wish them an enjoyable and safe summer! Keep practicing your math skills on IXL, Khan Academy, Freckle and other math programs to prepare for the next grade!

5th grade: We finished the year with a Geometry Playground Project where they designed a playground utilizing shapes and properties learned. They also focused on expanding their understanding of coordinate grids and the use of ordered pairs to graph points. Live instruction included practice using the GeoGebra geometry tool to create shapes by plotting points.

6th grade: Students worked hard to master expressions, equations, and inequalities. They should continue to practice these concepts so they are better prepared for next year. We are using a variety of platforms for our interactive lessons but our favorite is Zoom!

7th grade: After students solved multi-step equations and inequalities, they applied their knowledge to topics in Geometry. Students first learned about angle relationships and used their algebra skills to find missing angle measures. They then applied those skills to circumference and area of circles. The Pre-Algebra students have reviewed all their seventh-grade skills in order to participate in live instruction based on 8th-grade content. For example, they had to solve equations with variables on both sides of the equal sign. They are well prepared to take on Algebra next year and we could not be more proud!

8th grade: Students have been practicing solving systems of linear equations and are using Khan Academy to guide their learning. They will be ready to tackle next year's math with ease! The Algebra students are using IXL, Khan Academy, and Google Meet to work operations on polynomials and quadratic equations to help them prepare for Geometry next year.

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A Letter to 5th & 6th Grade ELA Students

As ELA teachers, we try to prepare you for not only the next grade but also for your lifetime of reading and writing enjoyment and proficiency. You are all well on your way, even during these unprecedented times. As young adults, you are beginning to understand the world, and sometimes this brings more confusion and insecurity than clarity. Know that you must be diligent, compassionate, and take pride in your accomplishments, because you have control over your actions, decisions, and your ability to persevere.

6th graders, you should be proud of your daily work, whether it was while we were reading and responding to literature like the novel Tuck Everlasting and mythology, or while reading biographies and informational text, your effort and improvement have been impressive, and you should all be so proud of yourselves, as we are so very proud of you!

Fifth graders, you have worked diligently on your remote learning assignments. We are so proud of all of your hard work. Throughout the marking period, you’ve created beautiful letters, poems, and illustrations thanking healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers. Your Blackout Poetry writing was simply amazing. You have shown great improvement in your comprehension and writing skills through your daily assignments. Your hard work and determination to be successful during such a difficult time is greatly appreciated and has not gone unnoticed. We thank you for always putting your best effort into your coursework. We wish you and your families a wonderful and healthy summer

We know this time has been difficult for you, but you have shown your determination and tenacity to excel despite not having the closeness and normalcy of an interactive school day.

Hopefully, we will see each other in September and return to our “new normal.” We wish you a happy, healthy, and relaxing summer! Read in the sun!

7th Grade English & Language Arts

As this unprecedented school year comes to a close and the summer rapidly approaches, students are naturally looking forward to their summer vacation. The seventh grade ELA teachers want to express our pride in how hard the students have been working! It hasn’t been an easy marking period, but the seventh-grade students have shown how amazing they are at adapting to all these changes.

This marking period, students in Ms. Petraitis’s classes have been reading and listening to the novel Hatchet and were able to personally relate to the theme of perseverance. Students in Mr. Colavito’s 7th Grade ELA have been working on comparing and contrasting informational based texts to similar theme-based narratives. ELA students were exposed to various remote learning modalities including: screencastify and video-based instructional lessons, Zoom live learning discussions, audiobook versions of texts, and interactive Commonlit.org texts. We are so impressed with how easily students have embraced these approaches within our new remote learning environment!

Social Studies with Mrs. Benevento

6th Graders continue to conquer the virtual learning world in their Social Studies remote learning class. Each day they watch videos, play interactive games, and read and respond to questions about history and civics. Additionally, with the commencement of Live Social Studies Classroom via Zoom, students have been able to engage in new virtual activities, such as the "Virtual Treasure Hunt" and "What's in the Box?".

Faced with adversity, students have risen to the occasion and shown great flexibility and cooperation in their Social Studies Remote Learning Classroom. As we continue to embark on this contemporary learning style, student feedback and reflection are always encouraged.

Science with Mr. Rizi

Mr. Rizi's 7th-grade science class has been learning about what goes on inside of our planet and how it impacts the surface of the Earth.

After a short lesson on how tectonic plates move, students were able to use a simulator which allowed them to take a journey back in time to see how continents have shifted throughout the Earth's history. Connections were made to key milestones in evolutionary history including the extinction of dinosaurs, the first flowering plants, and the first mammals.

7th graders were then able to explore how plate movement creates volcanoes and earthquakes in a virtual lab. In the volcano lab, students were able to erupt four different types of volcanoes and compare their viscosity and eruption patterns.

While in the Earthquake lab students were given the option to choose the type of surface material and earthquake magnitude to compare damage done to buildings. 7th graders were able to make connections between proximity to a fault zone and the amount of damage done.

Students finished the school year by exploring how fossils are made, including those of popular dinosaurs that many know and love.

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Physical Education & Health

The Physical Education & Health Department has been focusing on ways to help our students maintain physical fitness, nutrition, and promote safe lifestyle decisions. Various topics involved exercises related to muscle strengthening, muscle endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. Students learned about the importance of proper hygiene, nutrition, and healthy sleeping habits.

It was imperative for us to ensure students maintained a healthy and positive mindset during a unique time. We are so proud of our 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders for all of the hard work, dedication, and participation they demonstrated. We miss you all and hope you have an amazing summer!

Hola Familias de East Rutherford-

As you are aware, the World Language Department Spanish 5th-8th grades, have been working during home instruction the entire 4th marking period. Unfortunately, we were unable to personally meet our 5th and 6th-grade cycle students. We hope next year we will have that opportunity to match faces to names! During this marking period, these students have had the chance to learn and use different learning platforms. We used Nearpod, PearDeck, IXL, Boom cards, Seesaw, and Flipgrid throughout remote instruction. As a class, we had a few hiccups getting started but learned from the experience. It was beneficial to provide our students with a survey and take into account their learning preferences. For some students, we were actually teaching them a third language!

As for our 7th and 8th-grade groups, most have done a great job participating in review games using Quizizz, Gimkit, Quizlet Live, and Kahoot. They have expanded their knowledge using different learning platforms. The World Language Department has kept our students motivated and engaged throughout this difficult time. We are saddened that the school year is coming to a close. We will not be able to say our goodbyes in person, but we want to wish our 8th-grade students the warmest congratulations! We also wish the 8th-grade future success as they continue to understand themselves, accept their worth, fulfill their potential, and become effective and responsible citizens in a democratic society and in a multicultural world.

Hasta pronto y buena suerte a todos nuestros estudiantes.

Stay Active & Healthy!

Another school year has come to an end. This past school year was much different than past years. One thing that we need to remember and be mindful of is the importance of washing your hands, covering your mouth when coughing and sneezing, and staying home if you are sick.

Now that summer is right around the corner here are some summer hazards that we should keep in mind.

Heat Exposure: Heat exhaustion is real. It is important to remember to stay hydrated when spending time outside and in the sun. Make sure to have plenty of fluids even if you do not feel thirsty! Water is the best choice for hydration.

Sun Protection: Sunburn hurts and can cause damage to your skin. Spending time in the shade can reduce the risk of sunburn. It is important to wear sunscreen every day! Reapply sunscreen every 80 minutes and even more often if you are sweating or swimming. Wear sunglasses with total UV protection. Wearing hats while in the sun can provide further protection and limit sun exposure.

Injury Prevention: Many of us partake in outdoor activities like bike riding, skateboarding, and scooters. Safety gear is a must! Helmets, wrist guards, and knee pads should be worn. Also, do not ride in the street and remember to look both ways before crossing driveways and streets.

Always seek advice from your primary doctor regarding questions and issues you have about your health or the health of others.

Have an active, fun, safe, and healthy summer!

Nurse Pacelli


Dancing at Home

All students grades 5-8 have been actively participating in Dance Class throughout the remote learning process. During these difficult times, students have been researching cultural dances, creating their own dance choreography, and learning the importance of dance from an artistic perspective. Faust students were fortunate to study cultural dances such as Bollywood, Tango, Flamenco, Cha-Cha, Broadway, and more!

The 5th and 6th-grade students participated in a project where they choreographed their own Tik-Tok dance. Students were given certain dance moves to use within their creation, picked a popular song, and recorded their moves through Flipgrid. Students excelled at choreographing their routines. They continued to display an impressive work ethic by memorizing and performing their dance! Student participation in these dance projects and activities keeps them creatively thinking and engaged. Keep dancing this summer!

Theater, Where Drama is Encouraged

During the 4th marking period, the 7th and 8th graders have been exploring various jobs that are connected to a Broadway production. We have focused on the Broadway musical Shrek and their entire production team. They have learned what each job entails and explored the avenues they can take to have a career in Theatre! Another project students completed was learning how to present and authenticate published monologue from a Musical. Students explored the monologues in You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown and were able to set the stage, create costumes, and find the appropriate objectives for their scenes.

The 5th and 6th-grade students have finished an exploration of Theatre History. They began with Primitive Theatre and ended with the Age of Musical Theatre. Students explored popular written pieces from the time periods and discovered theatrical innovations on stage. Most significantly, students understand more about how culture affects what was written and produced. As a class, we spent time reading excerpts from various playwrights. The students' final assignment required them to create a small production company. They had to find a location for a theatre, create a name for their company, and then hire staff. The talented theater students made the last requirement easy.

All students who participated in Theatre this year will have an opportunity to evaluate and share opinions with the teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all the students at Faust this year! I am looking forward to receiving feedback on the student’s perspective of the class. I plan to add new elements to this class for next year!

Music Department

Mrs. and Mr. Schweikardt could not be more proud of all the music students at Faust School. Your devotion to your music classes, your band, and your choir, are a testament to your dedication, and the pride you take in yourselves and your classmates. We looked forward to the times we interacted and loved the recordings you sent us.

8th graders, we wish you happiness and success in High School! Best wishes to all of you, and have a safe and enjoyable summer.

5th Grade Social Studies: Mr. Barone & Mr. Maroules

Throughout the course of the 4th Marking Period, the 5th graders have continued on their virtual odyssey through the exploration of several units of study consisting of topics such as Native American Tribal Regions, The Columbian Exchange, North American Colonization, and Slavery. This can be showcased through a variety of student formative assessment data, which have included activities such as “3,2,1” responses, “Crystal Ball” predictions, as well as authentically created live Quizziz games, which have been hosted during our recent transition to Zoom Live Instruction. Finally, the social studies curriculum is interdisciplinary in scope and has been creatively aligned with ELA standards. In retrospect, it was evident that through the implementation of these authentic writing activities, students were ultimately able to evaluate and reflect upon various different historical perspectives, while also expressing their own unique interests and choices in taking ownership of their own learning.

8th Grade ELA

Ms. Bayeux recently asked all of her eighth grade English students and Honors English students to share their favorite memories from their time at Faust School. Unsurprisingly, her inbox flooded. Many students recalled The American Dream Trip, Trills and Thrills Trip, and Holocaust Museum. Despite the many diverse answers, a common theme is easily recognized among the responses: Faust eighth graders loved their time at Faust, the friendships they formed, the lessons they learned, and the memories they made. Congratulations to our Class of 2020!

Zoom Games with Mrs. O'Connor

Mrs. O'Connor challenged her students by using games in their Zoom classes. This class played a Monster challenge with questions about symbiotic relationships. The students showed how well they remembered information from the school year.
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7th Grade Social Studies

The 7th Grade students were able to model their creativity during the last months of the school year. An example of this was in their digital word wall creations. Students also attended live classes through Zoom. It was enjoyable to see everyone and collaborate! Students enjoyed playing a virtual trivia review game. The highlight of our virtual meetings were the funny hats worn by students and having pets in attendance!

School Counseling During COVID-19

Our Faust families have experienced a loss of support and had to deal with new frustrations related to economic stability, job loss, health concerns, and other stressors that impacted our students directly and indirectly. The Counseling Department launched two initiatives to help be present for students during this time: Wellness Wednesdays & The Virtual Counseling Office. If you would like to speak with the school counselor about continued services or resources to help your child during this time, please email smuse@erboe.net. If you are looking for ways your child can cope with the related stress, please visit the CDC website.

Have a Safe & Healthy Summer!