Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

April 28, 2015

Week 32

STAAR testing is over and the students have survived!! They have done a wonderful job this year! Many students stayed after school and some came before school to work extra on their skills. Be sure to give them a big hug and let them know how proud you are at their efforts this year. We celebrated on Friday with a relaxed day of board games and a movie. They really seemed to enjoy their down time and they have earned it. Thanks to those who sent snacks for the party!

With only 6 more weeks of school, we will still continue to work and grown our minds before our summer break. Please remind your child that everyday counts and our work is still important.

Up Coming Events @ Dodd

May 1st - Dinobeat 7:30 am

May 25th - Memorial Day Holiday - no school

May 27th - Field trip to Rough Riders Game

April 30th - Biography projects are due!!!


This week we are reading the children's version of the classic novel called 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The vocabulary words we are working with this week are: mast, revenge, armor, slumber, submarine, dinghy, oyster, harpoon, whirlpool, and jolt. The adapted version is kid friendly and easy to understand. They always enjoy reading about the adventures of Professor Aronnax and his adventurers with Captain Nemo.

Social Studies

We are continuing with unit 8 and our journey with inventors. Students have their research projects due this Thursday April 30th. Please check your child's planner for details and directions.

Students should have researched their person and will give an oral report which should be around 2-5 minutes long. The essay should include the following information:

*An introductory statement about your person. Include their name, when they were born, and where they lived.

*Describe the person's adult life. What work did this person do? How did he/she become well known? What are his/her accomplishment's? (If it is Ruby Bridges, then you can give information on her as a child and adult.)

*How is the world different because that person lived?

It can be written neatly in paragraph form or typed. It must be in child friendly terms.

(Nothing copied from the internet or out of a book. It should be a total of 4 paragraphs.)

*Your child will also need to create a model out of a plastic bottle. Use materials to make your bottle look like the person in your report. Students have had over 4 weeks to complete this, so hopefully they have not waited until the last minute to start their project.


Unit 32 spelling covers the rule for plurals which is drop the 'y' before adding 'ies' to a plural word. Spelling homework is still due on Wednesdays and CUPS review is due Thursdays,

Wylie Way! Spring into Action : Shoe donation

“Spring into Action” the Wylie Way

Wylie ISD invites you to join us as we

“Spring into Action” for a Wylie Way Christmas.

It’s a Wylie Way Christmas! No it’s spring time! As a district we are always evaluating ways to serve our students and our community more effectively. This year we have decided to start a new community initiative called the Wylie Way Christmas. We want to partner with our community to better serve each other. We would like to begin the Wylie Way Christmas now by starting off with one of our most basic needs. One of the first things that all of us do each morning before we leave our homes is put on our shoes. It has been brought to our attention that some of our students could really benefit from a brand new pair of shoes to get them stepping towards their future. Together we have an opportunity to make a difference in our families and our community. We were inspired by an event that Tom’s shoes holds annually.

Our goal is to provide a new pair of shoes to each Wylie ISD student who is in need this upcoming Christmas. Why bring shoes now for Christmas? Because we want to ease the amount of items we ask our community to donate during the holidays as a way to make it easier on everyone. Our plan is to ask you to purchase a new pair of dress code appropriate shoes to donate to the drive, after collection these shoes will be stored in a secure location to be distributed during our Christmas season. In order to ensure diversity in sizes we encourage you to purchase the same size shoe as your student and bring it to their campus.

Collection day dates are:

May 15th – Akin, Birmingham, Dodd, Smith, Tibbals, Whitt, Harrison

May 22nd – Cox, Groves, Hartman, Watkins, Draper, Davis, McMillan, Burnett, Cooper, Achieve, WEHS, WHS

We will have tables set up the day of the event to collect the dress code appropriate shoes. Elementary and intermediate campuses will collect at their Field Day Events, all other campuses will designate a drop off point. Working together to better our community by serving others, it is The Wylie Way.

If you have any questions, please contact Alan Bennett, Family & Community Liason, at

972.429.2397 (o), 469.418.3418 (c) or