Blinding people in a changing world

What we are missing out on

In our everyday lives we are bombarded with information and storys from a variety of sources including friends, family, teachers, books, TV programs, the internet and music teaching us about the world we live in. So what kind of a world are we creating when we start to restrict the storys we here? What kind of world are we tricking ourselves into beleiving in?

I beleive censorship is causing our generation to be blinded from the real world, if we continue to sugar coat all the information we here from day to day we will soon become dangerously ignorante of the enviroment we live in today and that could be dangerous for not only us but the younger generations to come. How will we learn right from wrong if we only witness one sugar coated side of every story?

How will we learn to resolve conflict if we never get to view conflict ourselves?

Not only is censorship blinding us from the facts of the real world it is also keeping us from the beautiful art of free speech. Its keeping us from loosing ourselves in our imaginations through creative books or seeing storys through other peoples eyes.

It is our right to experience all these things and be exposed to the raw uncensroed details of our imperfectly beautiful world.