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Your Respiratory System

The Respiratory System helps you retrieve oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.When you breathe in,you bring oxygen through the trachea and into your lungs.Then your diaphragm contract to make your lungs bigger.Inside your lungs there are Alveoli which have arterys and veins which contain blood cells.When there is oxygen in your lungs,the blood cells in your Alveoli gets the oxygen and then circulate around your body to give oxygen.Then you would have carbon dioxide in your lungs.When you breathe out,your diaphragm squeezes your lungs and releases carbon dioxide.

A common disease on your Respiratory System is lung cancer.The cause of lung cancer is smoking a lot.When you smoke,you are covering your alveoli and if their covered,they can't retrieve oxygen for your body.But if you smoke too much,eventually you'd covered all of your alveoli and you won't be able to retrieve oxygen and you'll die of suffocation.So DON'T SMOKE!

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