Chisholm Summer Adventures

Week 4: Space

Horn - Space

Strawberry Moon

This is the strawberry moon Mrs. Horn saw last night.

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Grades PK-2 Moon Cookies

Read the recipe and make moon cookies with your grown up. Read and discuss books on space.

PK-2 Ready, Set, Learn! We're Off to the Moon!

See how children can learn about space with a variety of activities. Scroll down to the Math and Science section to see the high jump activity.


PK-2 To Infinity and Beyond

In 1992, Mae Jemison was the first African American woman astronaut to travel into apace. If you met Ms. Jemison, what would you ask her? Use this website to learn more!

PK-2 Building a Space Shuttle

Using only a sheet of paper and tape, build a model space shuttle that can be launched with a straw. See how far you can make your shuttle travel!

PK - 5 Personal Space

Here are some books describing the concept of personal space. As you listen to the books identify when you or others might want personal space.

Grades 3-5 Leap Years - NASA Science

Learn all about leap years and why they exist.

Grades 3-5 To Infinity and Beyond

On April 19, NASA's helicopter Ingenuity took off on Mars. This was the first powered flight by an aircraft on a planet other than Earth. If you met an engineer that worked on Ingenuity, what is a question you would ask. Use this website to learn more!

Grades 3-5 Space Suit Challenge

NASA is always working to make space suits better and safer for astronauts! Their suits must keep them safe from debris and space dust. Your task is to design a protective layer for a space suit. The layer should protect an "astronaut" (represented by an object such as a marshmallow, inflated balloon, potato, or something similar) from "space dust and debris" (represented by rocks, gravel, sand, nails, or similar items).

Criteria: Your protective layer should not break when about 2 cups of debris is dropped on it. Your layer can be punctured, as long as the astronaut stays unharmed.

Challenge: make your protective layer out of 5 materials or less.


Shout Out to Landon for answering 597 IXL questions this week!

PK-5 IXL Challenge of the Week

Grades 4-5 go into your science learning. Find Astronomy. Work through the 1 IXL lesson this week.

Grades 2-3 go into your science learning. Find Earth's Features and Earth Events. Work through 1 IXL lesson each day this week.

PK-1 go into your language arts learning. Find Categories. Work through 1 IXL lesson each day this week.

In the month of June, Chisholm Chargers have answered 15,038 IXL questions!

PK-2 Digital Citizenship - Pause & Think Online!

Check out the Digital Citizens who aspire to be safe, responsible and respectful online! Discuss these questions after watching the video:

1. Which character do you relate to most when going online?

2. Why is it important to be kind online?

3. Why shouldn't you open a message from someone you don't know?


Grades 3-5 Digital Citizenship - Keeping Games Fun & Friendly!

Explore ways to be positive and to have fun while playing games online! After watching the short video discuss these questions at home with an adult:

1. Which social interactions do you notice in the video?

2. Who talks to whom? What do they say?

3. Overall, do you think the interactions in the video were mostly fun and positive or mostly negative? Why?

4. What norms do you think you should follow when playing online video games?