Noun and Verb Phrases

By: Emily Mosty

What is a noun phrase?

A word or group of words that have person, place or thing. A noun phrase consists of a noun and all its modifiers. The phrase consists of a noun making it into a phrase.

For example "A story as old as time", "A cool wet afternoon" and "Some cookies shaped like stars."

What is a verb phrase?

A sentence that contains a verb and any direct or indirect object but does not include the subject. A verb is the action. A verb phrase consists of a verb and all of its modifiers.

For example "He was eager to eat dinner.", "You might enjoy a massage." and "He was waiting for the rain to stop."


-I cleaned the car.

Noun Phrase= I

Verb Phrase= cleaned the car

-The students got the assignment.

Noun Phrase= The students

Verb Phrase= got the assignment

-My dad gave me my chores.

Noun Phrase= My dad

Verb Phrase= gave me my chores