When Johnny and Ponyboy were hiding out at the church. Johnny decided that they will have to cut their hair and bleach Pony's as well so that they wouldn't fit the descriptions in the paper. This took a lot of courage to do because their long, greasy hair was their trademark. Something they were proud of. "We're in big trouble and it's our looks or us," Johnny says to Pony on page 73. I chose this song becasue it described Johnny as a hero. Here is a line from the song that fit Johnny to me. " Or you can start speaking up nothing's goingt o hurt you the way that the words do and they settle neath your skin".
Brave - Sara Bareilles (Lyrics)


To me, what the three greasers did for the kids who were trapped in the fire is rather heroic. I feel that it is heroic because they put themselves in a very dangerous situation when many other people would not have done the same. I would imagine that the majority of young teens, when faced with a similar situation, would feel that they were unable to be of help. They might want to help the kids in the church, but they might figure that they were unable to help or they might feel too afraid to try. I chose this song for Dally, Ponybody, and Johnny. Here are some lyrics from the song i chose for the three greasers. " When you are with me, I'm free, I'm careless, I belive, Above all the others, we"ll fly, this bring tears, to my eyes.
My Sacrifice - Creed


Ponyboy isbrothers with Dally Curtis and SodaPop Curtis. Ponyboy is friends with Johnny who is the humor of the greasers gang and steve is soadpops bestfriend and without Johnny and Dally would be dead. I chose this song because all of them stick together they are always by there sides thye stick up with each other. Johnny said 'stay gold" to Ponyboy. There lyrics that best fit the brothers are " gold... gold, gold... though".

The Outsiders- Stay Gold


Ponyboy was in denial, he refused to believe that Johnny was dead. His grades slipped and he started arguing with Darry a lot more.And Dally reacted the worse. You realized that the only one he's ever cared about was Johnny. Probably since both of them come from broken homes. So Dally went on "police suicide". So, he did commit suicide basically very sad. I chose this because when Johnny died Dally and Ponyboy went crazy. Here are some lyrics that connected to me. "I'm here without you baby but you're still with me in my dreams and tonight it's only you snd me yeaahhhhh".
3 Doors Down - Here Without You [Lyrics]


Ponyboy and Johnny “run away” from home and go to the park because Ponyboy got into an argument with his brother Darry. When Johnny and Ponyboy were at the park thye were looking at the stars.They never intend to actually leave for a long time but when the Socs show up at the park and try to drown Ponyboy, Johnny feels that he has to save Ponyboy no matter what. So, Johnny takes out his knife and stabs Bob, the Soc who is trying to drown Ponyboy, killing him. I chose this song because it was about when Ponyboy adn Johnny were looking up at the stars. Here are some lyrics about the song " from underneeath the trees; we watch the sky confusing stars for the satalties.
If Everyone Cared Lyrics!!!