Communication in the Classroom

Parent and Student Communication

Creating a Landing Page

Communication to parents and students is a key component of effective instruction. Technology today allows for teachers to easily share news, assignments and important information with members of the classroom in an efficient manner.

A teacher webpage is an important tool in the communication toolbox. A webpage can house upcoming field trips, schedules, class newsletters, homework assignments and other information parents and students may need to know. While social media is also an effective tool to communicate with parents or students, it is easier to house all of your documents and news on one site, then sharing updates using a link. School districts use different software for teacher websites and they may include a learning management system like Moodle or Edmodo or they may use a blog site such as Wordpress. In addition, there are some free websites for teachers to create a webpage. Remember, free is never really free. You may be allowing for advertising or the site may be using your data. Always read the terms or service and privacy policy prior to creating a website for your classroom.

Examples of Teacher Webpages

I located a great webpage of teacher webpages. These sites were created with a free webpage creation tool called Weebly for Education.

Additional Tools for Parent Communication

Joe Mazza leads a twitter chat called #ptchat. It stands for parent/teacher chat and the weekly conversations focus on topics of interest to support parent communication, collaboration and general involvement. Below is an article from Edutopia highlighting tools he suggests for use in parent communication. Like any tool, read the terms of service or privacy policy and check with your school district to see if there are any policies or guidelines for teacher use of social media.