Red Cross

By Lolly

How Does Red Cross Help?

Red Cross has several services in Australia that strengthen preparedness, response and recovery. Often Red Cross creates partnerships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. They also have International Programs in increasing aid and development as well as Migration Support. (Support for refugees, immigration detainees and asylum seekers. There are other programs such as: Social Inclusion, International Humanitarian Law (Limited conflict on people.) and the work on building stronger communities.

How Can WE Help?

There are a number of things we people do, though we think that we can not do anything in this situation.

  1. We can donate money via a tax roll or just monthly.
  2. Leave a gift in your will.
  3. Philanthropy (donating people's needs)
  4. Buy a Red Cross raffle ticket. You can win a $20 000 Flight Center Gift Card!
  5. Or visit the Red Cross stores.

'Nutrition Program Comes Cairns!'

Red Cross and Apunipima Cape York Health Council are now officially partners so the Food Cents program is in Red Cross Cairns Wellbeing Centre and is offering classes in nutrition and cooking for the people inside. Running over eight weeks, each class runs for 2 hours and with each session you are provided with useful advice and tips weather it's preparing a nutritious meal within a budget and when you can not access the supermarket shelves too easily. The program mainly talks about eating healthy and and making healthy choices. A participant, Ellen Roughsey, from Mornington Island had said that her people never got kidney problems or diabetes. "They used to just eat bush food. Now they have the shop and the problems," she said.

"Everyone at the first session all agreed that the best, tastiest and healthiest food was the food you caught yourself in the ocean and the mangroves."

Four Fun Facts!

  1. Red Cross has collage! Better yet they offer courses for students on medical training and such skills for life.
  2. Every second a child dies of bad sanitation. Donate now to help!
  3. The next time you donate blood, think about it like this: I donation can save 3 lives.
  4. The red cross, red crescent and red crystal are international emblems of protection and neutrality in situations of armed conflict. While the red cross and crescent are a sign of neutral humanitarian, the red crystal is a sign of protection.