Weeding: Geography & Travel

by: Jennifer Taylor

912-940 Geography & Travel

With the ever changing political and social environment throughout the world, several of the books in this section were outdated in terms of country boundaries and or government types or leaders. In this section of books many where at least ten years old and some were as much as fifteen years.

Why pick Geography & Travel in 6th grade we cover the areas of Europe, Canada, Latin America and Australia; and in 7th grade we cover Africa and Southwest Asia. In these specific regions we discuss the culture, religion, languages, literacy rates, governments, economics, and history. We need the books in this section to better match up to the current standards and also relevant to the areas the books cover as things change often in terms of traveling.

Weeded Items (M U S T Y)

932 - Egypt (1996) - The information in the book is outdated. It discusses Mubarak as the current President; however, he was swept out of power during massive protests in 2011.

940 - Anne Frank Remembered (1987) - Although still relevant and a required topic per state standards, this book needs replacing with a new copy. The book is currently being held together with duck tape.

912 - Student Atlas of the World (1993) - This could be superseded by better works, specifically new maps than these from twenty six years ago. In that time many countries have changed names and even moved their capital.

938 - Major Political Events in South Africa 1948-1990 (1995) - Today, this book would be considered trivial with little value, since so much has changed in South Africa since 1990. Although the history of South Africa during this time was important, the book should be "updated" to include more recent history.

914 - Passports Illustrated Travel Guide to Florence & Tuscany (1996) - Although good information and probably somewhat still relevant, this book is irrelevant to the current curriculum being taught.

915 - Passports Illustrated Travel Guide to Singapore & Malaysia (1994) - Just like the one listed above the information is probably still good, some of the information is no longer current nor relevant to what curriculum is being taught. (There were several more of these books including; Eastern Caribbean Islands, Belgium, Mexico and Malta.)

Disposal of Weeded Items

Per the Media Centers Procedures and Guidelines April 2014


When I asked the Media Specialist at South Effingham High School what specifically happens to the weeded books, she told me they often give them away to teachers and students and trash anything leftover.

16. Collection maintenance. Books and other media in poor physical condition, which contain dated, obsolete content, or are of questionable literary quality, are subject to removal at the discretion of the professional media specialist, the school media committee and the principal.