Lex Gillette

Track and feild


Lex Gillette has a lot of achieved statuses with bringing home gold in the 2002 USABA Championship for the long jump and even silver in the 2008 Olympics. He has also Broke a world record in 2011 at the desert challenge games of 12.55 meters. Ever since 2004 Lex has won a medal almost every year. He Ascribed a motivational talker status along with a singer and song writer status. He was Ascribed his disability status when his retina detached and became blind because of it.


Lex Adores his mom, and his mom has yet been able to go to one of his games across seas. So Lex hopes to be able to use his songs on ITunes to pay for his mom to go to his next game. This means a lot to lex to get his mom to see one of his games before she gets to old to go over seas.

Sports as a Subculture

Les participated in Track and field events. He majored in the Long jump but at the same time he has also participated in the triple jump as well.



Socail interaction

Symbolic Theory

He is a blind athlete. It does not get more symbolic then that. It actually does two things. One is that is breaks all symbolic meaning to the average athlete in tip top condition. The other Is that he is like the bald eagle of athletes with disability's.

My Refkection

I Might have not gotten much on my smore but don't let that fool you, I learned a lot about not just Lex but how he over came his blindness to become a world champion. He works so hard to be the best he can be. He sings and writes songs and even motivates people to be the best they can be not the best society wants them to be. He is a big inspirational person.