Finish April strong!

Hello Gorgeous Totes & spring

How's my amazing team?

Sorry for the "delay" in newsletter but I really spent March focusing on my own personal booking, sponsoring & selling. What an exciting April and release of our totes and summer collection.
It can be really overwhelming with emails, Facebook notifications, S&D training calls and I want to use best way to communicate with you! I like to think of Stella & Dot as a wealth of information on a "need to know" basis. Don't get too sucked in and take one topic at a time as it applies to your business.

So much of our communication is done through Facebook and if you are not on our team pages, I urge you to start. It really is the best and most effective way to keep in the loop.

I'm always here for you if you need me...Just ask!


5/5/5 Challenge

Congratulations to the ladies that sold $500 by the 5th of the month and won a $5 gift card for Starbucks! Front load those months & I know you'll get there ladies... Just get there sooner, and I'll buy you a cup of coffee. :) Easy!!
I will do this EVERY MONTH!!!

March: April:

Melanie Perkins Melanie Perkins

Loni Brewster Sadie Puntillo

Who wants to sponsor? Look who promoted!

I'm so motivated by you ladies sponsoring and growing your teams! I want to drink the "sponsoring juice" that Samantha is. I recently asked her what she is doing? She is offering the opportunity to everyone and especially those that are spending $200 or more.

March: April:

Samantha Ballard (3) Samantha Ballard (2)

Kim Campanelli (2) Kim Garner (1)
Deborah Zavala (1)

Remember to check the training calendar in our S&D lounge and invite potentials to our calls. Invite them to be your guest at our next team meeting. Need any help? I am happy to do a three way call or meet with them too.

Ok... So here's the bottom line. Grow your business and be successful with Book-Sell-Sponsor. It's that easy. The more shows you have. The more people you meet. The more people you meet. The more people you talk to about Stella & Dot. The more people you talk to. The more people you book and sponsor. Who's with me?!!


I'm so proud of Stefanie Loop and Deborah Zavala for promoting to lead stylist and are on their way to senior and star!!! YEAH!

Supply & Demand...A tough one for sure!

What a success the Summer Collection has been! The Press, your customers and of course, YOU are loving it! In fact, we have a higher field engagement than ever before during sampling, HUGE increase in sponsoring and Trunk Show averages are rising. This is a first step for all of us in what will be a tremendously successful long-term path.

You’ve already seen some items on future ship, and we’ll be seeing more over the season as our runaway hits sell through our current inventory. We will not allow back-orders for bags & companions that go out of stock before the Fall Launch. Why? Because we do not believe it's the best experience for customers. We typically allow back orders for items that we expect back in stock within a few weeks. With the long production times for bags category, the expected arrival dates are in July and we know your customer would love one of our many pieces available to her today, rather than wait a few months to get her product. We recommend offering your customer other silhouettes or color-way of current inventory and if her heart is set on your piece, offer your sample! She will be delighted with your exceedingly personal service and appreciate your effort to style her today!
Try announcing it in your group hello...Examples (edit swatch card accordingly too)

I got to my trunk show last night and the first thing I said in my group hello was "Okay, so I know you are all insanely excited about our handbag launch....AND so is the rest of North America. That being said, some of our available patterns have literally flown off the shelves in record time and are temporarily sold out! I guess that's what happens when you've been featured in InStyle, Lucky, etc. I'll show you the patterns that ARE available and if you feel like you've just got to have it, we need to place that order tonight to ensure you get it before it sells out."


"we launched our fabulous new collection of bags and small accessories last Monday and the response has been phenomenal! I have some samples here for you to check out and there are more in the look book but I warn you that a couple have already FLOWN out of stock. Take a look at what's here and I'll be happy to show you the swatches of what else is available".

March sales and April so far with 8 days left!

Look at all that qualified in

Kim Campanelli $5264

Samatha Ballard $3214

Bronwyn Roberts $2665

Loni Brewster $2501

Stefanie Loop $2104

Melanie Perkins $2054

Emily Rich $1925

Kim Garner $1581

Deborah Zavala $ 910

Larissa Clemena $ 578

Dana Greer $ 569

Diane Dorsey $ 560

Marilyn Vell $ 530

April: (so far)

Melanie Perkins $3908

Kim Campanelli $2622

Sadie Puntillo $2496

Lisa Qvistgaard $1948

Deborah Zavala $1581

Loni Brewster $1302

Samantha Ballard $1248

Kimberly Arthur $ 816

Alicia Zaro $ 750

Sara Crowe $ 703

Lexie Gritlefeld $ 652

Dennise Mauricio $ 564

Save the date "May 6th, 2013"

Join Sacramento Leaders and guests Shaina Haller & Lori Tahsler for a mini boot-camp training & team meeting on Monday, May 6th.

Want to book more shows? Want to sell more? Want to grow your team?

Bring a guest and let us help you build your team! Free prizes too :-)

Details to come this week!