Luan Oliveira

Branding Project By John Wilms


The purpose of branding for Luan Oliveira is to make him a more known skateboarder as well as bringing in more sponsors and revenue for Luan.
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Luan, as a very talented skateboarder, has many likable qualities about himself and his abilities. Along with his insane talent, he has an incredible success story. He was born in Brazil and was not well off. In interviews, he said that he often saw dead people and teenagers with guns on his way home from school. Despite this, Luan has managed to make it out of the slums and is now a fairly wealthy skateboarder. Another strength that Luan has is his ability to win high risk contests for hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as well as going to demos and signing for Flip Skateboards or Nike SB.


He also has his weaknesses. Luan has an offputting look because of his dyed blonde hair as well as his gritty mustache. He also does not speak the best English, while many other professional skateboarders do. As shown above, Luan's appearance can be scary to some.


His opportunities to improve his personal brand are to possibly shave his mustache, dye his hair back to its original color, make a new street part or at least come out with new footage on websites such as the Berrics or Thrasher.


His threats are things like possible injuries that could happen to any skateboarders, or the fact that many skateboarders are not fond of Nike SB because of their efforts to "commercialize skateboarding".

Current Sponsors


The slogans that are associated with Luan Oliveira are those of his sponsors. These slogans are "What's up With These Shoes?", "Independant Trucks are built to grind", and "Serving skateboarding by any means neccesary".

Plans For Implementation

Luan Oliveira is undoubtedly one of the best skateboarders in the world and he is very fun to watch, but there are many things that can be done to improve his Brand. Luan could improve his overall look as well as engaging with fans more. He could do more signings, contests, and come out with new video parts or documentaries. Luan is currently doing a great job on his brand and if he continues to be a crowd favorite, he will only make more money.