The New P.M.

By Hamzah S.

Tony Abbott

After a few days it was all over. After 4 years Tony Abbott has finally become the Prime Minister and now everybody's wondering what he has planned for the future.

So what did Tony Abbott do before parliament? Tony finished at Oxford University in the Uk and went on to boxing, which he played for a few years and then moved to Australia. Tony then became journalist and after that he studied as a priest, then worked in a concrete plant.

Most children say that Australia needs a sporty and reliable Prime Minister and Tony Abbott is the one. They also say he would be a good Prime Minister because he makes sensible choices.

These days, he's married with three girls, Louise, Bridget and Frances.

He's been the leader of the Liberal Party since 2009 and he has a pretty big to-do list, including the Broadband, Carbon Tax and the one thing you've been hearing alot from Tony- Stop the Boats.

So what do you think about the new Australian Prime Minister? WIll he keep the people on his side?