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Week beginning May 16th 2016

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How we organise ourselves

We are currently finishing our Sharing the planet unit of inquiry and will be moving on to our final unit of the year: How we organise ourselves.

Our Central Idea

People create organisations to solve problems and meet human needs.

The children will learn through a variety of learning engagements based on the following inquiry questions:

  • the purpose of organisations
  • how organisations support human needs
  • strategies for problem solving (as organisations)

In this unit the students will look at the structure and function of organisations. The children will inquire into an NGO and research the purpose and organisational features of a particular group that helps people. They will look at roles and structures within organisations and develope an awareness that people need to work cooperatively to solve problems, regardless of the scale of the issues.


4C and 4S classes will be concluding the Sharing the planet unit with their trips to Ark Eden.

Please ensure that your child has applied lots of insect repellent, is wearing long sleeved clothing and that they wear their Kennedy School hat so that they can be easily seen on the ferry and throughout the trip. We will be arriving back from the Mui Wo Ferry Pier in Central (Pier no. 6) at 4:30pm. There will be no bus back to school, please ensure that someone is there to collect your child.

Thank you to those of you who have supported these trips.

Children will not need to bring any money or octopus cards for the trips. However, if you would like to come with your class to Ark Eden you will need to pay for the ferry yourself.


In Maths we are continuing to estimate, compare and measure objects using the standard units of measurement: length, perimeter, area, mass, capacity, volume and temperature.


Children have enjoyed reading and writing animal reports and will begin to analyse and write persuasive texts within our new unit of inquiry.

General notices

  • Please remember to sign your child's reading record after hearing them read each night.

  • Please make sure your child has enough stationery in school. At this time in the year they often need replenishing!! Pencils, sharpeners, glue, a ruler and an eraser are essential. Check the list on the VLE.

  • Please note that the summer swimming timetable has begun (click here to view).

Swimming Notice

Mr Luck has requested that in order to be prepared for swimming every child requires:

  • Kennedy School swimming kit - swimming costume or shorts / jammers.
  • Swimming cap for ALL children with hair below the tops of their ears.
  • Large white t-shirt or swim robe
  • Waterproof shoes, crocs or sandals for walking to and from the pool.
  • Large towel, preferably a beach towel.
  • A strong waterproof bag.

This is a great website to use with your child to discuss and explore many of your children's wonders about the world.

Upcoming dates for your diaries

Week of 2 May summer swimming begins (Click here for timetable)

16 May 4S Ark Eden Buffalo Trail Trip

17 May 4C Ark Eden Buffalo Trail Trip

Thursday 9th June - Public Holiday

Friday 10th June - Disaggregated CPD day school closed

Monday 20th June - End of year reports out to parents

Friday 24th June - End of term

Homework is on the VLE

Year 4 Homework is written on the VLE: Please remind your child to login and check the homework for this week.