Fox Den Newsletter

November 10-November 21

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Rigor and Our Students

One important aspect of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study is rigor. As you all noted in your vertical team activities, the rigor in our standards increases each year for our students. I know I am not always clear on exactly what rigor looks like or even what the definition is in how it applies to classwork. Lately I've been reading some of Barbara Blackburn's work and she focuses on rigor in a way that makes sense to me. I've included some very short excerpts of her ideas below.

Blackburn defines rigor as, "creating an environment in which: 1. each student is expected to learn at high levels, 2. each student is supported so he or she can learn at high levels, and 3. each student demonstrates learning at high levels.

1. Expecting Students to Learn at High Levels: starts with the decision that every student possesses the potential to be his/her best. Includes higher level questions, open ended questions, responding to student answers by pushing for higher level thinking (not accepting low level answers to higher level questions), and asking extending questions.

2. Supporting Students to Learn at High Levels: design lessons that move students to more challenging work while simultaneously providing scaffolding.

3. Ensuring Students Demonstrate Learning at High Levels: increase student engagement by for example, requiring all students to respond and hold each student accountable for demonstrating their understanding.


Congratulations to our very own Stephanie Patton for being awarded the District 8 Outstanding Science Teacher award! She received her award at the North Carolina Science Teachers Association conference in Winston-Salem on November 6. This is great organization and I know we are all proud of Mrs. Patton for her accomplishments.

Fletcher Events

Happy Birthday to Kristin Garrett (11/14) and Liz Barbour (11/19)!

November 10-21: Canned Food Drive

November 11: Veterans' Day Holiday

November 12: Faculty Meeting, 3:35 in the Media Center

November 13: Vision Screening

November 14: Fox Den and Popcorn Day

November 19: Technology Training (iPads), 3:35

November 20: Tier 2 Meetings; K-2 Thanksgiving Luncheon; SIT Meeting, 3:35

November 21: Tier 3 Meetings