The perfect place for relaxation.

My experience

I walk in the nice winter land of beautiful, moist snow, perfect for snowmen and snow angels. I just have to fight the urge not to plop down on the snow, and go visit my family. As the year goes on I visit more and more. I go swimming and when I get there I dip my toe in the pool to see how it felt. I feel the nice, cold water I've been waiting for for hours. I jump in the pool off of the rough diving board. I feel a cold rush of air hit my face as I cannonball in the pool. I hit the water. The cold, nice, wet water. I stay for hours. My toes and fingers get that rough, crinkly feeling. I walk out of the pool and feel the cold wind blowing out of the south. I shiver. I walk back to my Grandma's house and it greets me with my Grandma's favorite perfume, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. I walk into the cool A/C I've been waiting for the whole 2 minutes that it took me to walk back to the house. The smell of the house, oh the smell of the house. My Grandma's amazing dish and by far my favorite, Kitchen Sink. I serve myself taking as much as she will let me. I sit at the glossy, wooden table in the dining room. Put my fork in the Kitchen Sink and take it to my mouth. My tongue hits it. The hot, delicious meal.

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You cant forget the scrumptious deer

My Great Uncle Gordan always makes fresh deer meat, cheese, and crackers when I am up there and it doesn't matter when I'm up there but it's always sitting on the table when I walk in because he knows that it's my favorite snack. It helps since my Great Aunt Stacey works at a meat packaging company so the meat will stay fresh for the whole month I am up there in the summer.

The Story

I went up to Iowa for my birthday and when it was time to leave and come back home it was August 4th and I decided that I wanted to stay for an extra day. So I made the sacrifice and we stayed the extra day. But the only flaw to that plan was that we had to sit in the car for 12 hours on my birthday. CrAzY...I know, but it meant that I got to stay an extra day with my family. When I got home I got to go to Olive Garden for my birthday dinner so in the end it all worked out.