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Arish A

What Reading is to me

I chose this picture because it makes me realize that whenever I read books I feel like I am the character telling the point of view.

10 things about me

1. My name is Arish and i am a kind person.

2. I get many books at once to sustain me for months at a time.

3.Once I read a book I usually finish it in a day or 2.

4. If it's a long book like Harry Potter I finish it in a week or less.

5. I always finish a book series.

6. If a book of a series came out today I always bug my parents to take me to a bookstore to get that book.

7. My favorite books are historical books.

8. A book with adventure always gets my undivided attention.

9. I always think of other endings for the book I just read.

10. Sometimes I put a book down and think the other way a book could of chosen a major decision.

Blog entry

The book I am reading now is called Adventures Wanted The Horn of Moran because I finished the previous book in the series and wanted to see how the next one is. I am enjoying this book because it talks about the training of a wizard who is also a warrior and I would recommend this book to people who love adventure books.

Favorite book and hobbies

My favorite book series is Percy Jackson because its mythology combined with fiction makes it a book series that would attract many readers. My hobbies are playing video games and reading books.
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Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World - Lyrics


I chose this song because whenever I read a book I fell like I control everything that happens.
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Why I chose the book recommendations

I chose Litpick and YALSA because it recommends books to both genders and gives books to all ages of kids and teenagers.

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