Children Of The Holocaust

mariah gregory

Children Of The Holocaust

Children were especially vulnerable in the holocaust. The Nazis said that the children of “unwanted” or “dangerous” groups in accordance with their ideological views, either as part of the “racial struggle” or as a measure of preventative security. The Germans and their nazis killed children both for these ideological reasons and in retaliation for real or alleged partisan attacks.

Children And Teens

The German and their collaborators killed as many as 1.5 million children. Including a million Jewish children, thousands of gypsy children, and children with disabilities.

Badges In The Holocaust

The German government first introduced mandatory badges in Poland in November 1939. The German government's policy of forcing Jews to wear badges, and then confining all who wore them to ghettos, was a tactic aimed at isolating the Jews from the rest of the population.

Struggles Of Children In The Holocaust

The children died more than the adults caused by starvation, lack of clothing, lack of food and water. They died faster because they weren't as developed as the adults.

When Did The Holocaust Happen?

The holocaust started in 1938 and ended in 1945, during world war ll.

The Chances They Had To Make

Some children lied about their age so they wouldn't be killed. And some are still living today.

Why Did The Holocaust Happen?

The holocaust happened because the German hated the Jews so much. The German thought they were better than the Jews.

Who Was Involved In The Holocaust?

The nazis and Jews were the main ones involved in the holocaust.