5th grade Working with Words

planning for lessons and literacy stations

Vocabulary + Spelling

Vocabulary Instruction = 2 weeks

  • 5.2A Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots (RS)
  • 5.2B Context Clues (RS)
  • 5.2E Dictionary/Thesaurus Skills (RS)

Spelling Instruction = 2 weeks

  • TEKS specific

Finding Time for Your Words Block

Explicit Instruction = 60 minutes per week

Pacing Your Instruction...You have some options

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Day 1: Word Sorts

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Questions to Consider for Reflection:

¨ Why did you organize the sort in this way?

¨ Why did you put this word in this category?

¨ Could you have put this word in a different category?

¨ How are these words related?

¨ What other connections among key vocabulary do you see?

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Day Two: Building the Anchor Chart

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Literacy Stations/Independent Activities

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New Resource: Grammar Keepers

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Lesson: Common Errors- Lesson 7: It's

Teach it

Write this on the board:
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This is one of the big ones. So many people write it’s, and it’s often wrong.

What does it’s mean?

That’s right. It means “it is.” And that is the only thing it means.

So every time you use it’s, substitute the words it is for it and listen. If it makes sense, then you have the right word.

When you write it’s, here is how you prove it:

· Underline the word.

· Write the proof over it.

Write it is in parentheses over the word it’s.

The underline means I intentionally made a grammatical choice here. The proof above the word means that it’s the correct choice.

Ask: Who is ready to try out this proof with me? (Enact the conversation.)

Grammar Chart

Say: Open to your grammar chart and find it’s. Let’s jot down the proof on the chart.

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Model It

Model it

Project the journal entry and read it.

Ask volunteers to read the sentences with it’s aloud. Enact the conversation with them

Practice it

Say: In your journal today, see if you can use the word it’s at least five times, underlining each use.

Write the proof over each one.

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