Our Camera Angles Journal

By Joey Patterson and David Rasmussen

Variety Of Angles!!!!!

It is good to have a variety of angles because without variety it is just plain and boring. When you have many camera angles and shots you can always find a good view of the action. A good view equals a good rating on the video if you were doing a Extreme Wide Shot when you should be doing a close up the movie will not make very much sense. One because you need to see the character or subject, and two you need to know what their saying.

Rules Of Third

The Rules of Thirds is that you need to have the subject or object off focus in the middle of the screen or shot. The way you find if you have the subject or object in the right spot is if you divide the shot into 9 even squares like in the picture above. The way you tell if you took a good picture or not is if the subject or object of focus is in the square in the middle.

Picture: http://images.pcworld.com/images/article/2012/03/thirds-11333490.jpg

Our Commercial

The angles used in this commercial are the wide shot, the very wide shot, and a few close ups. The wide shot is used to show only a few people in the group. The very wide shot is used to show the whole playground and the entire group of kids. The closeups were used when an individual was doing his or her part. The Close Ups helped by showing the emphasis of how the characters were talking, after the characters talked the camera went to a Wide Shot to show the entire group and their reaction. The Camera placement was all from one side though. The angle at the end of the commercial was a wide shot of the man in the spandex.

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