Pre-K Newsletter & Calendar 2021

Mrs. Miller and Ms. Wolford February 8th - 12th

Class Picture Day February 11th

We sent home Class Picture forms on Friday (2-5-21) in your child's folder. If you would like to purchase one please make sure to turn it in by picture day. Come dressed in your best and with your best smile.

Valentine's Day Party February 12th

We will be having a Valentine's Day Party on February 12th (Friday). Children can bring their cards in to give to their friends. If your child doesn't have any cards don't worry about we will have some for them to give out. If you would like to donate to the party please let us know NO LATER THAN THURSDAY so that we can get items before the Friday.

Party Items





**We have Plates, Napkins, and Drinks already**

Class List












Mrs. Miller

Ms. Wolford

**Please let your child write their friends names or sign their name on their own**

Know your W's

Please remember that we are practicing our 3 W's while at school....

1. Wear a mask

2. Wait 6 feet apart

3. Wash your hands

**Remember to hand us your attestation forms as you arrive. This includes any siblings that come through as well.**

Colder Weather

With temperatures starting to drop I would like to remind you to please make sure your child has a coat, gloves, hat, and scarf (if you choose) to make sure they are warm when we go outside. We will be going outside as long as it meets the regulations of being safe outside. Also, make sure to change out their clothes in their cubbies to winter clothes. We want to make sure everyone has what they need when they need it.

Thank you!

Important Dates

February 8th - Mrs. St. John will read to the class

February 11th - Class Picture Day

February 12th - Valentine's Day Party

February 14th - Valentine's Day

February 15th - Required Work Day for Teachers/Remote Learning day for Children

February 17th - Mrs. St. John will read to the class

February 25th - Mrs. St. John will read to the class.

February Birthday's

We have none.

What We Are Learning


Things we will be learning:

  • Do magnets stick to the table legs?
  • Can you find something else in the classroom that the magnets stick to?
  • Can you make the mouse move to get the cheese using only a magnet?
  • Can you make the cars race using a magnet?
  • Can you copy the pattern of the magnet rings?
  • Can you catch the letters?
  • Can you catch the fish?
  • Magnet Song


Real Men Read Parent Session #3

Magnet Fun

Magnetism | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids


Magnet Song

(Tune of I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a little magnet can't you see,

Some types of metal are attracted to me.

If it's not magnetic you will see,

Because it just won't stick to me.

Heart Song for Kids | Valentine's Day Song | Valentine Song | The Kiboomers
Boom Chicka Boom ❤ Valentine's Day Songs for Kids ❤ Kids Dance Song ❤ by The Learning Station

Mrs. Miller & Ms. Wolford

Please contact us anytime via phone, DOJO, or e-mail.