Pac-man and Donkey Kong

Once upon a time there were two video arcade games the names Pac-man and Donkey Kong. One day Pac-man said “bloop bloop” and that made Donkey Kong mad and suspicious. Donkey Kong said “de de dedede bloooa,” and the challenge was on. Pac-man went to Donkey Kong and was ready to game. Every barrel Donkey Kong threw at Pac-man, Pac-man just ate it. Pac-man won of course and Donkey Kong promised Pac-man 15 buckets of cherries and then Pac-man said “nanananana nana dan dan.”Pac-man wanted to say thank you but just kept saying “mina mina mina mina,” and that got Donkey Kong mad and Donkey Kong said “ladinan,” and that is how Pac-man and Donkey Kong became enemies.

Theme: Don’t brag or you’ll make enemies.