Drugs and sport

By Max Meredith

Anabolic steriods

Steroids are basically a substance that mimic certain hormones in the body and control how the body works. Anabolic steroids are often miss used because they mimic a lot of the male hormones in the body like testosterone which can help with muscular endurance and performance and growth. They make athletes train longer and harder, they can also help recover after a strenuous exercisers, they can make you paranoid, irritable, aggressive and often violent.


This is a hormone which is secreted by the kidneys, this protects the kidneys from being destroyed. At the same time it is a stimulant stem cell which comes from the bone marrow. To much of this hormone can lead to low oxygen levels and make you feel fatigued, headache and dizzy.

Fat bunners

Fat bunners can boost energy, they can also be used for energy and help the body use fat for energy. They also help raise your core temperature so that you need to sweat more and then can burn more fat. These can make you have symptoms like throwing up, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.


Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant which makes your nerves sharpen. It is a worldwide used drug by many people from in normal drinks such as fizzy drinks and coffee. Discontinuation of regular caffeine use may produce withdrawal symptoms. Caffeine has been shown to affect mood and stamina.