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This is it.... this time I know it's the real thing!

So we are moving into the last two weeks of the term... the deepest, darkest term of them all. On the other side, we will find sun, butterflies and smiling faces... I'm sure* of it!

But the next two weeks involves so many events, so much wind and perhaps even more rain. As we all know... when it rains on the plains of Greenvale terrain, the brains are drained and all go insane!

*"sure" in this context implies no contractual agreement on the part of the writer. Negotiations on compensation will not be entered into by said party.

Coming UP!!!

College Production of The Wiz: 4, 5 & 6 September

Year 7 Reflection day: 9th September

Year 7 - 11 PT Interviews: 11th September

Year 7 Zoo Excursion: 12th September

Year 9 Reflection Day: 13th September

Year 9 Camp: 18 - 20th September

Last day of term: 20th September @ 12:45pm (Does this mean we just leave the year 9's in Portsea then?)

Said no teacher ever...

Said No Teacher Ever


  • Redundaphobia: The fear that, even outside of school, you will begin repeating everything you say three times to make sure others understand
  • Budgetcutaphobia: The fear that the next published set of school budget cuts will include a photo of you
  • Applicaphobia: The fear that the student you’ve been urging to apply himself to his work will instead apply himself to making your life miserable for the rest of the year
  • Theyllbebackaphobia: The fear that the worst behaved kids will be the ones that don’t pass to the next grade level