Reflections and Blessings of 2013

A New Year A New ME

A New Year A New Me

As 2013 comes to a close, I am compelled to share reflections, lessons and blessings from my journey.

The year of two thousand and thirteen was indeed a year of transition. I was desperate for newness in my life in every area, personally, professionally and spiritually. So the story begins with me seeing and understating that a change must take place at the very core of my existence and for me that starts with Spirituality. You see, I know Whose I am and Who I am, just needed to reinforce my Faith walk. The rule of thumb is first things first...

I stepped up my involvement in my place of worship by joining the administrative team of Operation P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) as I prayed for others, things started to change in the other areas of my life. Hmmm, I was onto something. You see, whatever I do, I approach it with all out effort and for once I wasn't so focused on me, me, me! did I mentioned me?

Next up, the issues I was dealing with in the professional arena with Need A Ride, LLC (my niche transportation company) were starting to get to me and enough was enough (dressed like J Lo in the movie Enough). I was ready to bob, weave and handle this business in an old fashion manner and put the smack down. However through Prayer, supplication and favor it all worked out, far better than my original idea....I guess, just kidding, maybe;-).

On the flip side, I was able to create and start a new business PG Recruiters of which I am very passionate about, because this job allows me to share my passion “Teaching People How To Fish”. We provide Direct Placement for Maintenance Professionals in the Property Management, Construction and Telecom Industries. (PLUG) 2014 is going to be a Fantastic Voyage!

Now, let’s move on to the personal side of things. Although I am single, life is great! I am dating and having a great time with a few trips already in the works for 2014. At this stage in my life, I know what I want and I’m not willing to settle, it’s not necessary. My King is out there and my job is to work on me and be prepared for him and I got that scattered, covered, chunked, chopped and smothered. (Why do I want hash browns from the Waffle House now)? LOL!!

All in all the greatest lesson of 2013 was to put first things first, my relationship with my Heavenly Abba Father, Jehovah Jireh, and Whomever you may call him, I encourage you to simply call Him. He will answer and give you the desires of your heart!

As I close, I am grateful for my two businesses, the love of my family, extended family friends, associates and the plans for 2014.

I know where I have , I know where I am going, so here I come!!!

My wish for you and yours is that you receive the desires of your heart in 2014.

Peace and Blessings from me to you in 2014!

Pamela George

Managing Partner-PG Recruiters

PG Recruiters

We have one goal: To help people find jobs. We do that by assisting property management companies - large and small - fill vacant positions on their maintenance and service teams. Instead of requiring a large salary-based payment, we charge a reasonable flat fee.

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