My Awesome Day

By: Lexi

On a cold winter day in the middle of a snowstorm,my brother and I went outside to play minecraft.Minecraft is an electric game where you mine and craft things like houses,armor,and boats. Instead of having or iPads.we pretended to be in the game! For our armor, we put on our snow gear and headed out to the backyard.In the backyard, we went straight to the tree house and stared cleaning.Because there was a big snowstorm,we had to scrape off all the the snow piled inside.Although Isaac was the leader I worked the hardest. Finally, we were ready to colette our needed items. We went searching for boats. We trudged throw the snow up to our knees until we found them.

Next we collected ice that we used for pretend food, a furnace, and for materials like iron,gold,and diamonds that we mind. We put the items in the tree house. After we got all the things needed,we went to the woods.

In the woods,we went searching for wolves and cats. We found two wolves and cats. We spent the next hour taming them so we could have them in our house for pets. After a lot of hared work,they were finally brought in the house.

After preparing our house,getting the materials and taming our new pets,we decided to have a brake for the day. We were cold and tired so we closed up our house foe the day. We went bake into our real house and snuggled up under blankets with a snack while watching television. It will be a day I will never forget!