From Cows to Ice Cream

By: Daniel Prevo


Have you made ice cream befre? If you haven't you might want to read this. I will be telling you were ice cream comes from, How ice cream is made and some fun facts


ice cream starts as milk from cows you have to milk thousands of cows from a farm


Trucks take the milk to factor the blind tank is the most important port the milk needs cream shaggier and air people mix all of the ingredients together people freeze the ice cream people pacig the ice cream and put the ice cream into the freezers now it is ice cream trucks take the ice cream to stores

Interesting Facts

Vienna is the best selling flavor yo can make ice cream in a baggy people say that markopolo brought a ice cream resapy from china to itly


now you know how ice cream is made so next time you eat ice cream you know what is put into your ice cream what is your favorite flavor?
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