Time to Take a Stand

You're Beautiful


Together, we are stronger.

Together, change is possible

Together, we can win any battle

Together, we will make a stand

Our Goals

As a person, we face insecurities and sadness everyday.

It's impossible to help everyone, so our group focuses specifically on teenage girls.

As teen girls ourselves, we truly understand your struggles, and we want to help.

Our group hopes to span all over the world, raising awareness about suicide and self-harm prevention and anti bullying.

We want every girl to feel beautiful, strong, and confident.

Project Beautiful

Project Beautiful is this groups main focus.

To make every girl realize that they are perfect.

That their flaws make them flawless.

You don't need to change to make other's happy, you only need to be yourself.

To participate in Project Beautiful, all you need to do is send in two pictures of yourself, and we'll do all the work.

Check out our website for more info.

About Us

We were created on January 1st, 2013, by a 16 year old girl, who goes by Sammy.

She and others are always available if you need someone to listen, or a shoulder to cry on.