Amazing Farmers and Farm Life

By: Dayna Myers


Without farmers in colonial days people would starve. Farmers sold their cash crops so people could have food and not starve. There have been farmers in colonial days and present times. Some farmers have had big farms and some have had small farms. Farmers work hard to make sure people have enough food so they don't starve.


Crops are the reason why people didn't starve. Crops needed water and soil to stay alive. If the crops died people would starve. There crops needed protection from pests such as insects and weeds. If the pests got the crops, the crops would die. Some of the crops were used to decorate the house. They grew fruits and vegetables. One crop that they grew were oranges. Crops are one reason why people didn't starve.

Farm History

The history of farming is important because if we didn't know any history of farming, farms might not even exist. In the 1700s more than 90 percent of people worked as farmers. That means more than half the people in the world were farmers. Most farmers earned most of their livings by farming. Which means they earned most of their money by farming. Slaves and Indentured Slaves did most of the farming. Colonial family's worked together at harvest time. Finally, city land was better for farming. If we did not know about farming in the colonial days they might of actually starved.

Types of Farms/Way of Farming

There are many types of farms and farm sizes in the world. One type of farm is called Commercial Farms. It's an industrialized countries, farming has shifted from a prominent way of life to an important business. Another type of farm is called Subsistence Farms. It's the main form of farming for most of human history. The third type of farming is called Organic Farming. Organic Farming involves restricting the use of a number of controversial inputs and technologies including synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Another type of farming is Urban Farming. In 1800, only a small percentage of people lived in the cities. The vast majority of people lived where they worked - on rural farms. Some farms are small and some are large. In Europe they have 30 acres of land. In Asia and Africa they had less than 5 acres of land. Since there are different types of farms the people in colonial days did not starve.


Farming is hard but the farming family's still worked together. The crops are one of the reasons why people don't starve. If we didn't know any history of farming, farming might not even exist. There are many types of farms and farm sizes. Farming might seem easy but it might actually be hard for some people.


controversial- Relating to or causing much discussion, disagreement, or argument: likely to produce controversy.
fertilizers- A substance (such as manure or a special chemical) that is added to soil to help the growth of plants.
pesticides- A chemical that is used to kill animals or insects that damage plants or crops.
prominent- Important and well-known.
rural- Of or relating to the country and the people who live there instead of the city.



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