The Marie Murphy Update

20 September 2019 Edition

MM Embraces Lunch as the Most Important Meal of the Day!

This summer, Dr. Osburn had members of the Marie Murphy & Avoca West staffs read excerpts from Daniel Pink's, When. When makes use of a plethora of research about numerous topics ranging from economics to biology to education. The focal point of all these seemingly unconnected topics is how randomly and haphazardly we are in making decisions, when the research and data is out there to help us all make more well-informed choices.

One of the areas Pink looked as was the impact of lunch breaks. Lunch is often marginalized in numerous settings with professionals not taking a lunch break or often, eating and working at the same time through. Based on data from a 2016 study, Pink found that subjects who partook in lunch away from their desks showed less stress, were less tired, and had more energy in their afternoon endeavors. Additionally, lunchers (yes, I am inventing words) whose lunch break had a sense of autonomy (choosing what you eat, when you eat and who you eat with) and detachment (disengaging from morning or afternoon work) recognized even great levels of energy and diminished levels of stress.

The Marie Murphy staff was intrigued by this research and decided to enact a change in our practice. Beginning last week, staff no longer will require any student to come in for academic help during lunch and recess. Teachers may offer lunch help or students may request lunch help, but no student will be required to come in during lunch for academic reasons. We want all of our students to tackle their afternoon course work with less stress, less tiredness and more vitality, and we believe this change will help achieve that aim.

Thanks to the MM Team Leaders for bringing this proposal to the table and to the MM Staff for recognizing it's value!

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8th Graders Take Learning on the Road to Field Museum!

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Yes - this is a repeat from two weeks ago, but it's important communication tool so I am running the article again.

This year, MM is using Remind (a free text messaging service) to send out emergency information. Communication will be limited to information about emergency drills or an actual emergency situation. If you would like to subscribe to receive emergency Remind messages, there are two different options below. Either will work with a smartphone.

If you signed up last year, you do need to sign up again as I have to clear the subscriptions each summer (as to ensure the parents of our recent graduates don't continue to receive text messages).

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