How to achieve your Kit Boost

Who wouldn't want an extra £50 of gorgeous books?

These steps should easily secure you three or more bookings within your kit boost period (and more, in all likelihood), but if you’re looking for more ideas, search for the ‘A-Z of selling opportunities’ thread in our team training groups (ask me if you can’t find it).

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1. Choose a date for your launch party.

TIP - The sooner the better, as lots of new organisers get other party bookings from it which will get you even closer to that lovely £50 of free books!

2. Invite people to your launch party.

TIP - Mine was an informal coffee morning and I invited all my local Mummy friends and sold £200 of books. It was also a great opportunity for people to understand exactly what I was doing, and how beautiful the books are! If you feel like you don't have space, you could consider using a free local venue or a relative's house.

3. Invite anyone who can’t come to your launch party to look through the catalogue or leaflet and give you their order now.

TIP- this works well when you hold parties for other people as well. Explain to the host that any orders people get to her before the event will still count towards her totals, and so she’ll get more free books.

4. Write a list of your FROGS (friends, relatives, organisations, geographical and school) contacts.

TIP - a good technique is to review this list on a regular basis. I still set myself a goal of adding to mine every week.

5. Start telling the people on your FROGS list about what you are doing and invite them to earn free books by holding a party.

TIP - if they aren’t local to you, or are concerned about not having enough space, you could suggest a Facebook party instead.

6. Consider holding a Facebook party and inviting everyone you know.

TIP - encouraging guests to invite their friends is a great way to start building up customers.