December 2015

A note from me:

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break! I so enjoyed some extra time with family. Our family has been hosting an exchange student from Costa Rica and the entire family has thoroughly enjoyed the experience! I highly recommend hosting an exchange student if/when the opportunity presents itself for your family.

Hoping this update from the SPARK class will give you a glimpse into the past few weeks for your students. I'm thankful for each and every one of them and so enjoy my time with their classes throughout the week!

Jennifer Starr

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First Grade News

First graders have participated in an Intro to Chess unit. They have learned the names of the pieces, how they move and strategies of the game. After the first of the year, first graders will have the option of participating in a Friday Chess Club. I've done Friday Chess Club specifically for our first graders in the hopes that after this year they'll want and be able to participate in the after school Chess Club for 2nd-5th graders. Friday Chess Club is an optional 30 minute time in the SPARK classroom with first graders from all classes.
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Second Grade News

Second graders have been studying landforms. We have learned the names of landforms in English and their target language, focusing on mountains, deserts, plateaus, hills, mesas, buttes, volcanoes and plains. We have learned how to conduct research on the TPS on-line databases. We also learned how to take notes while doing our research and how to turn our notes into sentences for a Power Point presentation on our landform. We'll send our Power Points home when they're complete.

Third-Fifth Grade News

Third through Fifth graders have been participating in a unit about the Central Nervous System. We have learned the parts and how they work and interact. We've learned about the makeup of neurons and the role they play in how we learn and remember. Our culminating activity was dissecting a sheep's brain while identifying the cerebrum, cerebellum, pituitary gland, hypothalamus and amygdala. I'm happy to report that no one passed out or got sick during their dissection activity (not even their teacher haha).
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