Plate Tectonics Evidence

JImmy Camacho

Continental Drift

Continental Drift is plates moving around. They move in current period of time, but they move around only in the times the seasons change. Continental drift has its own groups or ways to build its plates or change.

Fossil Evidence

Fossils evidence are plates that joined together once. When the plates were far from each other they had big space of water and they were oceans. Once the lands or places joined together they mostly took up the spots of the oceans.

Rock Evidence

There are rocks that broke apart. They were put back into one piece and found out what it was back then. They were only in mountains like the Appalachian Mountains and the Caledonian Mountains.

Plate Tectonics

They are plates that are on top of the mantle and they are apart like divided. They are described as rigid and hard. They not the strongest, the Lithosphere is the strongest outer layer.

Seafloor Spreading

It is like lava going above the earths crust and making a new block. Its called the mantle when it still under the earth. Its like when a volcano forms and the lava drys up.

Earthquake and Volcano Mapping

It's the spots on the map, thats where the volcanoes and earthquakes formed. The spots are more than one. They started everywhere, not just in one place.

Hot Spots

Is the the heat from the earth. The area that is under the crust is hotter that causes magma to rise. It stays in one place while the plates move and go over it.