Dream Vacation Travel Agency

By: Grace Dee

Prior Vacations

-Mrs.Witt to morroco

-Coach Buckner to hawii

-Mrs. Morton to Florida

-Mrs. Smith to New York

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Why me?

My agency is different because i care for each of my clients. I strive to make my customers have the best vacation ever. We will help you plan your dream vacation with no stress involved. Unlike other companies we will make sure you are satisfied with how we planned your vacation.

Mrs. Lutkenhaus

Bio context clues

Moon phase-New moon

Tide-low tide


weather- warm with crisp air

vacation destination

The Bahamas is a very romantic place to go. Its also a very touristy attraction. Its a fun place to just relax and have fun. It is located in the Caribbean. Lots of exotic species are located here like plants, and animals. In summer the temperature usually fluctuate between 85-90 degrees.

Why you will enjoy

I have chosen this location because it has lots of seashells during low tide. It also is a very romantic getaway. Since most hurricanes form over in the Caribbean and the Atlantic ocean. It will be a perfect place to study the effects of hurricanes. Last but not least she can take long dark walks on the beach since it will be new moon.
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Mr. Little

Bio context clues

moon phase- full moon

tide-high tide


weather-Very hot

Vacation destination

For Mr. Little i chose Cozumel. The ocean is clear and beautiful. There is a lot of marine life. It has a lot of culture and history in it. It is located 12 miles away from the Yucatan Peninsula and is in Mexico. You can visit the massaive pyramids on
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Why you will enjoy

You will enjoy Cozumel because when you go it will be winter and a full moon. There'll be lots of light to serenade sharks, dolphins and whales. It is super hot with plenty of sand and water. It has the best scuba diving where you can continue being the manatee whisperer.

Coach wilson

Bio context clues

moon phase- 1st quarter

tide-low tide


weather- nice warm beach weather

vacation destination

For coach Wilson i chose myrtle beach. It is located in south Carolina. Not only can you enjoy the beach but you can also enjoy the endless attractions. A huge advantage is you are in the u.s so if you have an emergency you can get back easier. It is also close to the Yankees stadium.
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why you will enjoy

Coach Wilson likes to be really athletic on the beach to show off. Myrtle beach is the perfect place to show off his athleticism and just have fun. He will enjoy it during low tides because he will be able to play beach volleyball, horseshoes and sand castle building. Since he likes the light on the right it would be best for him to go during the 1st quarter.

Mr. Jones

bio context clues

moon phase-waning crescent

tide- no tide because he is in cold weather


weather- flurrying and lots of snow

vacation Destination

I chose Sydney Australia for Mr. Jones. In Australia he will enjoy the nice weather and depending on what time he wants to go he can have snow or the beach. Australia has many attractions and is a good place to get in touch with your nature side.
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Why you will enjoy?

Mr. Jones likes the beach and snow. Australia has both of these things. He is going to stay in a hotel located at P sheramn 42 walabway Sydney. The reason he will be there is because that location is from Nemo. He has really cares about his kids. Nemo is a kids movie so i figured this location would be best.