Return to Pachamama

A Divine Retreat In the Sacred Valley of the Incas

In these times of continuous and abrupt change, exemplified dramatically through the recent earthquake in Nepal. It is of the deepest importance to connect with our own selves as Human Beings instead of Human-Doings and to appreciate the importance of our lives. In every day modern life it is so easy to be carried away by the flow of civilization’s priorities. We wake up and run, run, and run and do, do, and do. We forget to slow down and enjoy the wind blowing through our hair and feel the grass growing under our bare feet. It is very important that we don’t miss out anymore on what our soul wants to feel and express.

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Sacred Ceremony

Sacred Ceremony has kept people around the globe connected to the organic cycles of time. These cycles create, evolve, integrate and disintegrate as time continues with its never-ending flow. With the event of the digital age, technology is pushing us all together and natural barriers are crossed over without heed to what is happening. It is time to reconnect our society, friends and families to the power of nature and the blessings of Pachamama (Mother earth).

Connecting through ancient Vedic fire technologies, Peruvian Shamanic ritual, Native American sweat lodges and intuitively guided ceremonies with visits to sacred sites, Manu Sai uses the Vedic precepts of ancient India and the wisdom of Pachamama to create viable pathways of divine understanding that one can follow easily and incorporate into their daily lives. These pathways are ones of peace and love, truth, righteousness and non-violence that help one connect to the mystical power of being in the moment.

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Fire ceremonies of Rejuvenation

The Vedic Homa or Yagna is an important part of Vedic practice and is used to propitiate Deities and the Creator. The fire ceremonies are used to bring rain, heal the land and blessings to everyone participating. Manu encourages people to use the fire as a way of letting go of negative traits, old memories and all that does not serve us anymore. Thus we get rejuvenated and regain life force, having let go of weight that just slows us down.
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The Sweat Lodge

The indigenous sweat lodge ceremony is one of great stillness and purification. The lodge represents the great mother and when we sit in stillness inside her in complete darkness except for the glow of the red hot stones, time stops. There is nothing besides the moment and in this atmosphere we pray and sing to our souls content, realigning our bodies, mind and soul with the purity of our life purpose. Emerging from the sweat lodge after a ceremony always feels like being reborn. Manu began sitting in sweat lodge ceremony since a young age with his father while he was was learning from Native American elder, Charlie Tom from Mount Shasta. The sweat lodge is an integral part of all retreats at Pachamama Wasi

Medicine Walks

Ceremonies such as sacred medicinal plant use in a safe and guided way can help one release cellular, emotional, spiritual, and soul memories that no longer serve us. During these medicinal ceremonies, it is possible to quiet the mind, to connect to the cosmos and be able to become a hollow vessel, which can then be filled with positivity. This positivity, when mixed with a divine purpose, will help one in their lives and of those around them. Manu Sai guides people on daytime medicinal plant walks through Andean cloud forest and into dales of enchantment using the ancient cactus called Washuma, also known as San Pedro. It is a grandfather medicine that stops time and turns off feelings of the past and future, allowing one to be able to truly feel without all the excess noise that inhabits our minds. Grandfather Washuma connects one to Pachamama by rooting the individual in ones heart. The emotional purification, mindfulness and connection one can feel with themselves and the earth is truly inspiring and divine; a true gift to help us understand time and our purpose.

The Sacred Valley of the Inkas

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is a valley in the Southern Sierra of Peru that contains many famous and beautiful Inca ruins. Within the Sacred Valley are many places of archeological and mystical importance. The Urubamba river flows through the Sacred Valley on her way to the Amazon, helping one to tune into the magic of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and her message of tranquility and peace.

The beauty of being based in the Sacred Valley of the Incas is that we will have the opportunity to visit so many distinct and beautiful places while being flexible to be in the moment and go with the flow. After all we are coming together to Honor Time, which also means that it is time to honor ourselves and this entails listening to what is being said within by turning off the phone, disconnecting from virtual reality and enjoying the heartbeat of nature.

A flowing itinerary

In this sample itinerary one can see what we may do during our retreat. Just like ceremony, it is based on a traditional framework with plenty of room for improvisation that relies on the will of spirit and the necessities of the individuals and group.

Return to Pachamama


July 10 - 21, 2015

Day 1 – Arrival to Lima, Peru where you will spend the night. Let us know what time you are arriving so someone can meet you at the airport. Check-in at the hotel is 14:00 pm so if you arrival much earlier than this, then you might consider paying for an additional night so you can check-in earlier to rest. There are many flights to Peru that leave around midnight and arrive in Lima between 5:00 am and 6:00 am and this suggestion would apply to those flights. You can also join us on our morning flight to cusco on Day 2 if your ok with traveling more. Just let us know what you need

Day 2 - We return to the airport for our morning flight to Cusco. After lunch in Cusco we will travel to Pachamama Wasi, our home for the next days. While here all meals are included except for those times when you might be visiting local ruins during lunchtime and then everyone must pay for their own meal. All meals are vegetarian with eggs being offered at breakfast. Rest of the day to rest and enjoy the healing energy of the Andes Mountains.

Days 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 – These days will be divided between visiting the local archeological sites left as our heritage from the Incas at Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray and Salineras and doing spiritual work. We will use these days to go within through the use of Vedic fire ceremonies, medicine plant use, Native American sweat lodge, movement, dance and the beauty of mother Earth to relax with.

Day 8 – Early morning transfer to the train station in Ollantaytambo where we catch our train to Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu. This beautiful train ride follows the Vilcanota River the entire way, goes past glacier capped mountains and Inca archeological sites. You know that you are nearing to Aguas Calientes when the flora and fauna start to change as we have entered highland jungle. After checking into our hotel and eating lunch we will hike to the Mandor Waterfall. It is not a strenuous hike but does take around an hour and a half each way and is well worth it as it is so beautiful. Hotel and breakfast included.

Day 9 – Today we will take the bus up to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu and spend the day here. Hotel and breakfast included.

Day 10 – This morning we return to Ollantaytambo by train and then to Pachamama Wasi.

Day 11 – We are up early today and after breakfast will travel to Cusco where we will have the day to explore the city and do some shopping.

Day 12 – Transfer to the Cusco airport for your flight to Lima and your connection home.

Pachamama Wasi retreat center

Pachamama Wasi (home of Mother Earth) is a family run retreat center in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and founded by Inti Cesar and Ananda Mai Malasquez in the 90's with the philosophy and belief that everyone should have access to Pachamama's healing beauty. Taking from their global travels and extensive stay in India, Inti and Ananda Mai made Pachamama Wasi into a global retreat center. The center has a Yoga Dome, a sweat lodge, an Indian temple and sacred fire place, as well as beautiful themed rooms with private showers and incredible views. The tibetan room is furnished with tibetan tankas and art while the Indian, Mexican and African rooms are decorated with paintings and spiritual imagery from their cultures. The main house has a comfortable living area furnished with instruments for impromptu jamm sessions. The land is vast and is surrounded by meditation gardens where one can sit on the grass and lean against a tree, while enjoying a marvelous view of the Sacred Valley and the Andes mountains.

Trip Details

The price of $ 2850 per person includes: all transportation within Peru, lodging, tours, guides, ceremonies and meals where mentioned on the itinerary. It does not include international flights, tips or expenses of a personal nature. To secure your spot on the trip, a 1000$ deposit is necessary before before June 15th. For more information please email Manu Sai at and visit

your hosts

Manu Sai Malasquez is a third generation Peruvian American Shaman. He grew up on the banks of the Ganges river in Varanasi India and later on studied native american spirituality in the US and Peruvian Rain forest Shamanism in Iquitos, Peru. He is an accomplished musician, healer and Clairvoyant who dedicates his life to helping others and travels the world performing ceremonies for Pachamama and world peace with his wife Miriam Devi, who is a joyful dancer and yoga teacher.

Optional trip segment to Lake Titicaca on June 21st

Manu has been called to lead those willing to Lake Titicaca and the Island of Amantani. Amantani is a an amazing place that holds its ancient traditions and has two sacred mountains, Mount Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Pacha Tata ( Father Sky). This place is Manu's all time favorite for plant medicine walks. Feeling the beauty, power and vastness of Lake Titicaca while standing on sacred ground and seeing amazing snowcapped Mountains surrounding the lake is absolutely stunning and life changing. Walking on medicine, we are sensitive and open to the ancient mysteries of our divine Mother Father, who we will visit on the mountains. Here is the itinerary for the five day journey.

July 21st - Bus ride from Cusco to Puno; driving through the high plains with views of mountains and grazing alpaca, llamas, cows and sheep. Overnight in Puno on Lake Titicaca.

July 22 & 23rd - Island of Amantani.... here we experience Peruvian village life on the beautiful island of Lake Titicaca. Ceremony with Manu.

July 24rd - Return by boat to Capachica and by car back to Puno. Along the way we will stop at the the ancient "chulpas", funeral towers on Lake Umayo at Sillustani on the way to Puno where we will spend the night.

July 25th - Taxi to the Julicaca airport where you take your flight to Lima and connect to your flight home.

This additional segment costs 850$

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