Beyond Words

We reach out through actions, beyond our own vision

A Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

We are a group of students working to help the visually impaired socially integrate into our society because some things are not seen but felt by the heart.

The Blind Experience

Experience how it feels like being a visually impaired person in the sightless chamber, whereby you get to play games, interact and dine with the blind! Learn and understand more about the blind through this experience which you will never forget.

Head down over after school!

Location: MPR 1

Opening Hours:

Select dates: 5pm - 8pm

We reach out beyond words

Lim Hui Yoong 15S10

Jackie Lum Jie Qixv 15A06

Alex Lim Tze Ming 15S20

WInslow Chiong Zhi Heng 15S03

Jed Lee Woon Kiat 15S17