3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending April 24, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Adams

Just a reminder that we have a field trip on Monday. Please remember to bring a bag lunch that can be thrown away completely when finished. If you are a chaperone, we look forward to seeing you at 8:30.

Thank you to all the chaperones that helped out at the Earth Day Festival field trip. We had a fun time walking to the high school, learning about earth day, and picnicking for lunch.

A big thank you to Arabella's family for donating 12 reams of lined paper! I think we will be all set with paper for the rest of the school year with that great donation!

PARCC testing will be on May 4, 5 and 6.

Earth Day Field Trip

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What we Learned on our Earth Day Field Trip

by Brady and Jeffrey

This week was a very special week because we had an earth day field trip. We went to to the high school to learn about the earth. We learned that you can recycle almost everything! Brady and Jeff got Bamboo Plants. We saw a Turtle named Spotty. We learned about Owls and Snakes. There was even some super good Jell-o.The high school made a "no mow zone" to save the animals that live there. That was the BEST Earth day ever!!!!

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Field Trip Fun

by Arabella and Jack W.

This week on earth day we went to the High school. We walked from Elizabeth Haddon to Haddonfield High school. It was about two miles. By the time we got to the High School our feet were broken. It was a long way, very long. When we got in the courtyard we got crushed by the crowd. I bet no one could see over that crowd unless they were on stilts. It was so big! Some of our classmates saw their brothers and sisters there, so that was exciting for them. Jack W. saw his brother and Arabella saw her sister! It was great!

Check out our video below of pictures from the field trip. (I apologize for the lack of sound! I published it before realizing I forgot to turn the music on!!)

earth day field trip

Math Mania

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Measurement in Math

By Jack T and Max

Parents and guardians, do you know how to do measurement and use it in number stories? Well we do! First you read a number story and figure out if it is multiplication, addition, subtraction or division. Then you read the details and you underline important sentences. You have to find information to help you solve it. For example, if it asks you what one part it is, you have to subtract the other part from the whole to find the missing part. Math is fun.

QR Codes

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The Wonderful World of QR Codes

By: Giulia & Meredith

Hey parents! Life in 3A is wonderful! Mrs. Adams is the best third grade teacher EVER!

In computers, we made something called QR codes. If you’re wondering, QR codes are those black squares with white dots. You can scan the codes and a website will pop up. In our QR codes, when you scan it, our opinion speech will pop up. We picked a person or thing to focus on. For example, you could pick Mrs. Adams. Maybe she didn’t get appreciated enough so you picked her. Or you could have picked the lost and found bin to write about. Maybe you think it is too hard to find things in the bin.

Now let’s go back to the QR codes. This is how we made them. We went on a website called QR codes and copied the link of our opinion speech (in Google Docs) into the code. We could pick a color for our QR code to be. We took the QR code and pasted it on a Microsoft Word page. Then, we took a picture of ourselves and pasted that on the same page. We had to make sure the picture didn’t cover any of the QR code or it wouldn’t work. Last we made a text box with a title that said, “Guilia’s Opinion Speech”. Cool right? We could customize the page and make it look cooler. At last, we printed them out and hung them on the wall outside our classroom. Making QR codes was awesome!

Next time you're in the hallway outside of our room, you should scan some of our codes!

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Narrative Writing: Planting Seed Stories

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Narrative Writing: Planting Seed Stories

By Emily and Paige

This week in writing we wrote small moment stories! We had 45 minutes to write. We had to pick a seed story not a watermelon, let us explain. A watermelon is like your trip to the water park the whole day. A seed is one part of that trip. That night for homework we had to think of an idea for our seed story. Some of our stories were really long even though they were only seed stories. Our stories were sent to a team of people that will grade them. We could get up to 4 points in each category. Some of the categories are overall, spelling, punctuation, transition words, and ending. It was so much fun writing seed stories this week and we can’t wait to do it again at the beginning and end of next year!

We also did this same writing at the beginning of the school year and they were also sent to a team of people to grade. When we get them back at the end of the year, it will show how much we have learned in writing this year. We have all grown and become awesome writers!

3A Visits the Garden!

Making iMovies!

Earth Day iMovies

On Thursday, the students that came to school worked in small groups (along with Mrs. Adams' three children) and created mini-movies to show how we can save the earth. They recorded each other using iPads, and then learned how to put it into an iMovie. The 5 groups' iMovies can be seen below.
earth day
Earth Day 3A
Help Save the Earth By Emme Emily and Victoria
Safer environment by Max,Alec,and Jack W
earth day

iMovie Directors and Actors!

Introducing our Star Student... Emme!