A Mayan civilization

Background information

The capital city of Guatemala is Guatemala City. Major cities of Guatemala are: Zacapa, Mazatenango, Cobán, Quetzaltenango.
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This is Guatemala City.

This beautiful place is Guatemala's capital.

Guatemala's flag is divided in 3 parts, the ends are blue, and the middle is white, it has an independence paper and a bird.

Was it controlled by another country?

Yes, Guatemala was controlled by Spain. It gained independence on 15 September, 1821. It is not controlled by another country anymore. It's official language is Spanish.

Geographical information

Guatemala is in Central America. It is covered by mostly mountains, coastal plains, and plateaus (with dense volcanoes)

Political information

Has a constitutional democratic republic government

Leader is President Oscar Jose Rafael BERGER Perdomo

Economic information

Currency: Quetzal (GTO) US dollar (USD), others allowed.

Economic system: capitalism

Tourist Information

People should visit because it has great mountain lakes, religious festivals, sandy beaches, and cool jungles.

People should see some of the archeological sites the Mayans took over in the past. Some examples are:

Pine forest hills

21 different ethnic groups, and 23 languages

Awesome scuba diving and fishing sites

Peten houses and thick jungles.

Cool facts

Repainted school buses from the U.S.

heavy rains, country stays flooded

Natural resources: petroleum, nickel, rare woods, fish, chicle, and hydropower.