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About Me

My name is Sheharyar Chaudhry, but people call me Sherry. The meaning of my name is everyone’s friend, however my meaning of my name isn't the only true representation of me. My past has been full of delightful and terrifying events. My blog will be the true representation of who am I as a person, and what my interests and hobbies are.

As a child I have always been into history and just knowing facts about how things function. I love finding new information about something historical. War has always been one of my biggest interest, I have lost count on how many movies and blogs I have read about old historical war. Aviation was something that was introduced in World War II. Germans were the first most technological group of people to take benefit from it. When it comes down to a war novel, then the first book and movie that comes to my mind is “The Book Thief”. Everything becomes more interesting and attractive if a person tries to puts a personal touch to it.

My background is very historical. I am born and raised in Pakistan, if you didn't know, Pakistan was part of the Subcontinent which was ruled by the Britain Empire for a very long time. Pakistan fought hard and on 14th August 1947 Pakistan became a separate nation. This was very interesting to me and it was that history which made me want to learn and know more and more about other historical facts.

Personal Connection to War

Hobbies are something that a person enjoys doing in their spare time, whereas interests are something that a person loves taking part in and actually spares time out of their busy life to read about a specific interest or put time into it and do it. This blog is entirely about me and my likes and dislikes. When it comes to war, my interest automatically increases. The amount of war movies that I have watched is surreal. All it takes is a rifle and two opposing sides and a little bit of suspense to hook me into something. My roots were started from the Subcontinent where three nations were fighting for power and land. I have grown up listening to all these fascinating stories and I have always wondered what it was like to see it in person. ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak is one of my favourite novels. It’s set in Germany, a historic war site where many battles were fought and unsung heroes were made.

Say No to Blood

Liesel Meminger, a ten year old girl who is given away by her mother is brought into a German house owned by Hans Hubermann And Rosa. Liesel’s mother abandoned her daughter when she was in need of love. Liesel’s core blood relations turned out to be disappointing for her. Later Liesel is introduced to her foster parents who give her the love that she desired for. Here we get a glimpse of how blood relations aren’t always the best relations. My over theme is based on war, as well all know war is filthy and bloody. This blog post is about how the answer isn’t always blood and vengeance. There are many ways in which wars and conflicts can we resolved. Getting physical is never the right thing to do. When ultimatums are given, the threat shouldn’t always be something that requires blood, but something more like that will create peace in the future.
The Book Thief | "Why would I want to kiss you?" | Extended Clip HD

Love is Indescribable

“The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you.” These are the exact words in the novel spoken by Hans Hubermann. Love is once in a lifetime thing, it is rare that it ever happens again. Liesel Meminger, the main character of the novel does not know what it is liked to be love or to love something. She is introduced to many things in her life that she hadn’t seen before. Love doesn’t always have to involve two people, it can be a bond between something special and very dear to something. To me, love is a neverending bond. My love for war and contents related to war is much like the bond between Liesel Meminger and Hans Hubermann. The bond between Liesel and her “papa” was indescribable. The main theme to me for this novel was love. Liesel falls in love with books, she desires to learn more everyday. Hans Hubermann as being her papa helps her and makes sure she knows everything. Love is a very big thing in our today’s society. The songs, the movies, the documentaries are all about love now. Our society focuses more on love than anything, because realistically it is very important. Love is craved by many people, yet only founded and experienced by some. A world where there are no wars is a perfect world. Love can change that, and one day we can all hope that love will overcome all the evil in the world.