Fact or Friction

By:Alyssa Luttrell


1. Down syndrome is a genetic trait, One and every 691 kids are born with this Syndrome.

2. Today there are more than 400,000 people with this conditions.

3. There life expectancy for individuals with Down Syndrome has increased dramatically in the past recent years!

4.People with down syndrome have feelings just like every normal person. But they do respond expressions with friendship and they are hurt or upset by inconsiderate behavior.

5.We are making great strides to identifying the genes on chromosomes 21 that cause the characteristics of Down Syndrome. They now feel strong that they will find out the problems and fix it further in the future.


1. Down Syndrome is a rare disorder.?

2.Less than 100,000 people have this disorder?

3.People with a Down Syndrome have a shorter life span?

4.People with Down Syndrome are always happy?

5.Down Syndrome can never be cured.