The Wonderful World of 7 White

February 8th, 2016

What is going on in Language Arts?

In Language Arts we are working on our How To Change The World Project. This project is where every student gets to choose a topic. We find articles about we can help with our topic. My topic is Concussions. I find articles about concussions and try to find out how I can Help. We also send a letter to someone who can relate to this topic. I sent mine to Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL. I did this because concussions happen a lot and I asked him a couple questions and gave him some suggestions.

-Ethan Friedman

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How to Change the World Student Showcase

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 8am

440 Grove Place

Deerfield, IL

Your child has worked hard on researching a social issue of their choice since we returned from winter break, and now they are ready to share their findings with you… and the world! Please join us next Wednesday, February 24th, in our Learning Commons where your child will be waiting to showcase his/her work.

Location: The Learning Commons (formerly known as the Library)

What is going on in Science?

For these past two weeks, science has been so exciting! We are learning about genetics and punnett squares! In one of the labs we even got to extract the dna out of a strawberry!! We have also been mating potential parents to see what their kids might look like. It's been pretty tiring but also really fun.

Good bye, Harry Kong

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What is going on in Math?

The past few weeks in math have been very fun. We just finished learning about conversions. We have to convert American units to units in the metric system. We solve using proportions. Over the past few weeks we've had to work very hard but it's worth it.

-David Weinstein

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What is going on in Social Studies?

In the last 2 weeks, we focused on a big project. The project was so fun and it took a lot of work to complete it. There were many side parts to this project like cost analysis, product research and many more. This week we focused on presentations and getting it done and over with. It was very stressful doing the work but when all the pieces are put together, I found it fun. Shark Tank teaches many valuable skills like dealing with money and making a benefit to our society. This unit was fun to the end, and I hope that others found it fun.

This is Israel Becerra bringing you this report.

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Northern Illinois Food Bank

Monday, Feb. 29th, 8am

Geneva, IL, United States

Geneva, IL

Earlier this year, we collected socks (for Socktober) and donated them to Lake County Foster Kids. This February 29, your child will be heading to Northern Illinois Food Bank to do some service learning! As a team, we feel it is essential that students from our community have the opportunity to think of themselves as part of a group that gives time and energy to worthy causes. This experience promises to be one of many where students get a chance to help others.

We’ll be spending the morning working at Northern Illinois Food Bank in a variety of ways (from sorting food to packing up boxes to many other tasks they have in store for us). Our volunteering will help the hungry in Illinois.

The cost of this experience is $6 (we have to pay for the buses that will take us there and back). We’ll be eating lunch either on the bus or once we get back to school (depending on which location your student goes to), so please pack a sack lunch for the day. (Special Lunch order funds will be refunded to those who order a special lunch).

If you have any questions regarding this field trip, please contact Tom Samorian ( or 847-948-0620 ext. 5159).

Thank you for your support,

The 7th grade white team

P.S. Please hand the bottom of this form into Mr. Samorian no later than Monday, February 22, 2015. Thanks!