Solar Energy

Radiant energy emitted by the sun.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is radiant waves emitted by the sun and can be directly or indirectly converted into thermal energy or electrical energy.

Solar Energy in renewable

Solar Energy is renewable because the sun doesn't have a limit, or will not run out until hundreds of millions of years.

How it is transferred into electricity?

The sun's rays are transferred into electricity by traveling through photovoltaic systems. The electricity goes to the breaker box. the breaker box is connected to all of the electrical appliances in your house. Now you have electricity for whatever you want to turn on or run. If you have a problem with electricity somewhere in your house, go to the breaker box to turn it on and off.

Advantages and Disadvantages

ADVANTAGES: No pollution, Easy installation, and Long term benefits.

DISADVANTAGES: Expensive, Can only be used when its sunny or daytime, and If you live in a rainy climate, you wont have much electricity.