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Housekeeping and Online Pop Up opportunity!

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Group Online Pop Up for the Gift With Purchase PROMO!!

Are you interested in participating in a fully guided online pop up that features our current Gift With Purchase promotion?

We are putting together a MOCK Group on Facebook that will be your reference. All the posts will be numbered so you can follow along. Just cut and paste to your own Online Event. (Time to get a Hostess Lined up!!!)

It is a great time to host - with the promo, sales will be even higher in your Pop Ups as everyone tries to reach that $75 or $100 threshold (free gift at $75 and free shipping and gift at $100).

We will take all the work out of this Pop Up for you!!! If you are interested click here to let me know!

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Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Elsie Gonzalez - 2/14 Valentine's Birthday!
Shelly Reissig - 2/15
Teri Perron - 2/17
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Happy Anniversary to these awesome ladies!!

2/3 Tiffany Wood

2/5 Kristin Kotzebue
2/9 Whitney Green
2/11 Shannon Moore
2/11 Kris Stevens
2/14 Erin Pohler
2/14 Teri Perron

2/18 Emily Johnson
2/20 Tara Mykyte
2/20 Chellie Curry
2/23 Marlita Garcia

Dianne Dixon

I'm your go to girl and team leader. I am also a Merchandiser just like you who is working my business every day!!

Looking forward to an amazing February!