Classical Conversations of Kenmore

Week 16 Wrap Up!

Slow, rainy days...

We had a slow day today, but everyone seemed to be having fun! From me not starting timeline on time, to the Klingsheim's spur-of-the-moment family presentation, to at least 5 families rolling in a bit late... I think the grey skies and rain have caught up to us all!! Luckily for us, next week will be our last one before break!

Week 17 will be our pre-break Pizza and Valentine's Party! I don't think anyone is planning to do actual Valentines, mailboxes etc... just eating pizza and decorating cookies. Thanks to Sarah and Christi for putting it together for us! I'll have some chocolates by the coffee all day too, just for us :-)

Welcome to the Bentley family who has joined us for the rest of this year!! Monica is in Mrs. Klingsheim's class, and Merryn is with Mrs. Owen. Roseann and Peter also have a middle daughter who is at Seattle Classical Christian School. We're so glad to have you join us! You can add to your CC email group!

Please keep Caleb White in your daily prayers!! Tavia sent out an email the other day - Caleb had a multitude of tumors removed from his bladder, and they don't know what his treatment plan will look like yet. I'll keep up with Tavia, and as soon as they have a schedule, I'll let you all know how we can best help to serve and comfort the White family during this very difficult time. Thank you to everyone who signed up to bring a meal, and for everyone who tried to, but the meal train was already full!! Don't worry - we can still help! Stay tuned.

For Week 17:

Family Presentation: White (let me know if you need to switch this!)

Red: Playground (12:25-1pm)

Orange: Nursery



Blue: Kitchen/Bath

Purple: Fellowship Hall Cleanup

Suggested Kid's Presentation Topic: Talk about a missionary/mission story.

(Remember, the topics I list are just idea starters. Kids can always bring or talk about anything they like. The point is to get them comfortable with speaking in front of others - the topic is not important!)

Classical Chat #1

These little doses of encouragement may be just what you need this week - they're super short, give them a look!
Classical Chats #1: "But I've Already Read That"

Community Announcements:

  • I'm looking for tutors and subs for next year! I will need at least 2 tutors and 1 sub for the fall. Please let me know if you're considering it!
  • Community enrollment is in full swing! Thank you to those who have enrolled already, and some have even paid me! WooHoo! Please enroll before March!
  • HERE is a link to the online registration form - password cc2016returnken (all lowercase). This form is for returning families ONLY, please do not share this password with anyone else - I have a different form for new families.
  • Public registration opens in March, and I will NOT hold current classroom seats once public registration begins. If you want to try and find a community closer to your home, I encourage you to begin emailing other Directors now to see if they will have space. Tell them I send you with a blessing if you can be closer to home!
  • Pizza Party & Cookies next week! Don't pack a lunch, just bring $1/slice and let Christi know if you didn't get to the sign up sheet today. Below is a photo of the sheet so you can remember what you ordered, and if you paid.
Big image

What is the Challenge Program, anyway!

This 15 minute video describes what Challenge is, and how your family and students will be getting an amazing high school education with it! It's about 15 minutes long, but I highly recommend it if your students will be 12 in the next few years!
Matt Bianco on Classical Conversations "Challenge" level (high school)

Upcoming Events:

  • Feb 5: Week 17, Pizza Party & Cookie Decorating! (playground folks, plan to help supervise!)
  • Feb 12: BREAK!!
  • Feb 19: Week 18

Week 16 Specific Links: