"The Counselor's Connection"

August 2014

Welcome Back!!

Welcome Back to another exciting year at Cotton Indian! I look forward to meeting and working with your family! This year we have added another counselor, Leah Kendrick, she will be working with 1st and 4th grade.

Please feel free to contact myself or Leah at any time throughout the year if we can be of any service.





The counseling program at Cotton Indian is designed to be proactive and preventative. All students, K-5, have access to counseling services.

The following are a part of program:

  • Classroom Guidance- Lessons done by Mrs. Wright and Ms. Kendrick in your child's classroom. Lessons will focus on
  • Small Group Counseling- Groups will focus on a variety of topics based on student/teacher needs. You will be contacted via letter if your child has been recommended to participate in a group.
  • Individual Counseling- Students can be seen:
  • at the request of a parent/guardian
  • at the request of a teacher, staff, or administrator
  • though self-referral (using the "I need to see the counselor" slips
  • Mentor Program- Teacher or parent requested.

We will also be offering incentives for students, teachers and parents for attendance. At the end of each grading period we will reward classrooms and teachers with the least amount of absences. At the end of the school year, we will offer prizes to students with perfect attendance, as well as there parents. We would like to reward them for being here! Other incentives will be offered throughout the school year. Your child's attendance is important for their success.